I decided we needed a change of scenery..I needed to get us as far away from the psycho family of Jack’s.(they admitted to MJ years later that yes, they had considered having a hit put on me, to get custody of her.)So I dragged my kids to sunny California to be close to Chuck and hopefully a new start… Chuck let me use his last name and the kids and I kept a low profile from the New Mexico nutjobs..
We mo
ved to Costa Mesa and were close to the beach,which the kids loved and I got a new job, helped along by the SS benefits for the kids and I. My only problem was no matter where I moved or how far I traveled..I still had the memories and the nightmares..I found that drinking myself to sleep was one way to deal with it..My kids have told me that they don’t remember ever seeing me drunk till they were in their late teens, as I was good at hiding it..They went to bed I drank till I fell asleep..during this year I made lots of new friends and took the kids to the beach often. Chuck and I took karate lessons,we rode his motorcycle and I realized that if we got married it wouldn’t work so we continued to carry on like we had been doing. We went to see Jaws and for weeks after wards MJ would run up and down the beach screaming’Jaws, jaws…sharks…dit ot ob de wudder..days shaks in dere…days sharks in dere..oh my dod…we’s all donna be kild…we’s all donna be kild..'(she was 2) Causing hysterical laughter on the beaches…Finally I had to keep her off the beaches until she forgot about it…
In t
he mean time Watergate was coming to an end with John N. Mitchell, H. R. Halderman an John D. Ehrlichman being found guilty of Watergate cover-up. They were sentenced from 30 months to 8 years in jail..(and Ford fucking let Nixon get off)
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge take
over Cambodia..which became known as the ‘killing fields.’
American merchant ship Mayagreuy was seized by Cambodian forces and rescued by an operation of the U.S. Navy and Marines, 38 of whom are killed.
Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft take off for U.S. Soviet lock-up in space.

President Ford escapes from two assisination attempts, 17 days apart.(one by that crazy bitch Sqeeky Frome)
The beat goes on..we are still rockin’and a rollin’ even though it is becoming a little disco..cause we were dancing with K.C.and the Sunshine Band’s’Get Down Tonight,’Shining Star’ by Earth Wind and Fire,’At 17′ by Janis Ian,’Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Grand Funk, and ‘Thank God I’m A Country Boy.’by John Denver.Steely Dan had ‘Do it Again,and Black Friday.’Does everyone remember the first time you heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen? Or ‘Born to Run’ by the Boss. How about ‘Send in the Clowns’by Judy Collins, or’Boogie on Reggae Woman’ by Stevie Wonder..?’Only Women Bleed, Dept. of Youth and School’s Out For Summer.’by Alice Cooper,’Deamer’by Supertramp, ‘Young Americans and Fame’ by David Bowie.Oh and a song I really loved’Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company.
‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ by Little River Band, ‘Fly Robi
n Fly’ by Silver Connection,’Free Bird and Saturday Night Special’ by Lynyrd Skynyd,and a song that will stick in your head after you hear it’ Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song’…by B. J. Thomas…’How Long’ by Ace, ‘The Hustle’ by Van McCoy, ‘I’m Not In Love’ by 10cc, and ‘Jive Talking’by the Bee Gees.A great song by Eric Clapton…’Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,and a great Donna Summer hit’Love to Love You Baby.”Lyin’ Eyes’ by the Eagles,’Mamma Mia and SOS’by ABBA, ‘No Woman No Cry’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers.’You Sexy Thang’by Hot Chocolate, ‘Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith, and ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel.ohhhh and another disco favorite by K.C. and the Sunshine Band….’That’s the Way I Like it ..Uh huh…’…’Philedelphia Freedom’ by Elton John,’You’re So Beautiful’ by Joe Cocker, ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ by KISS,’Rocking All Over the World’ by John Fogerty,and one of my favorite all time songs…..’My Eyes Adored You’ by Frankie Valli. “How Sweet it is’ by James Taylor and ‘Low Rider’ by War.(I love to sing that song, with my deep voice)…and to round it off…’Pick up the Pieces’ by Average White Band…..Which I was trying to do…
see ya next year…..1976….


17 Responses to “…….1975…CALIFORNIA..HERE WE COME…..”

  1. Donna Says:

    HAHAHA I could just picture her doing that. I’m sitting here cracking up just picturing her running on the beach tryin to freak people out.

  2. Debbie Says:

    I’d have been a basket case in 1975 in your life.

    No comments from the Peanut Gallery please.

  3. Big Pissy Says:

    OMG! The music! Loved it all!

    We were stationed in Hawaii that year.

    Went to see “Jaws” at a movie theatre on Waikiki Beach…..line all the way around the block to get in….scared the shit outta me!

    Living on an island….going to the beach allllllll the time….

    Good times…. 🙂

  4. apositivepessimist Says:

    big fat blessing towards Chuck.

    there could be no way possible that anyone has NOT heard thank god Ima country boy…the first time I heard Alice Cooper was at my uncle’s place…whoaaa Little River Band had a song ovvaah thereee. shew.

    heh now a helluva lot of these I remember seeing on Molly Meldrums CountDown as a ten yr old. coolbeans.

  5. PJ Says:

    We had such great music back then, what happened? OMG I remember doing The Hustle. We used to do that in sync on the dance floor. OH I can’t wait for 1976 Bicentennial. I celebrated by having my youngest son that year. LOL

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    I remember that year! That was the year I went crazy and joined the Air Force.
    Spent Christmas in basic training and got my first digital watch from my Mom.
    Loved the music back then but it was starting to get that disco sound.
    I can just picture Mojo running and screeming. The Boss is doing OK but still has pain from the 4 incisions.
    I was doing a lot of drinking that year too. It gets to be a habit after awhile. 🙂

  7. R. Rodgers Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  8. R. Rodgers Says:

    Enjoy reading your series. In 1975 I graduated from The College Of Santa Fe courtesy of the GI Bill. You take care.

  9. leo myshkin Says:

    kiss, the bee gees etc. maybe 1975 was the year things started fall apart musically.

  10. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how in retrospect, Nixon’s crimes seem so minor in comparison to the crap and bungled job that the moron in office has pulled over the last 6 years? And he hasn’t even lost his job over any of it!

  11. Maritzia Says:

    Hmmm…1975…the year I got my tonsils out…and the year I became fat….and I’ve been fat ever since.

    I can only imagine the kinds of nightmares you went through JS. I’d probably have been doing a hell of a lot more than drinking myself to sleep at night. PTSD…it’s not for the weak!

  12. Jezebelle Says:

    I guess MJ got you back with the Jaws for your Daddy and what happened at the theater when you were a kid! LMAO! They say whay we do to our parents will come back to haunt us!

    My mom was and is a big drinker. But I hardly remember seing her drunk.

    I hope that today the ex’s family has finally moved on from thinking the way they did.

  13. Granny Says:

    1975? That one’s a blur.

  14. JuBlue Says:

    This is about the time when I started to really become aware of music on my own, listening to the radio, etc. I remember so many of those songs.

  15. happy happy Says:

    My brothers kicked my ass if they caught me listening to disco. Wait, they kicked my ass anyways. But at least it gave them another reason…
    Oh… this is the new name for now.

  16. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Iv’e never been to CA, but it looks like a nice place to live if you can get used to that tectonic plate business.

    If you actually own all of these records you must have the greatest collection in the country. I’ll bet it’s no fun moving either.

  17. dom Says:

    Crime of the century ( Supertramp) was the second album I ever bought.. I used to love Dreamer, but prefered playing ‘Bloody well right’ full blast ,thinking I was being cool playing a song with a swear word in it 🙂

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