Went to the library and Henrietta let me pick out some books. Iam sure she was feeling guilty for having them and not letting me read them…I have read so far the new Janet Evanovich book Twelve Sharp, which maybe the best yet..but then I say that about all her books after I read them…But I laughed so hard at her Granny in this book I had tears in my eyes…I love Granny, and even though I don’t believe in chipping, I would do Rangee in a New York City Second…and Morelli too…
Also read James
Lee Burke’s new one Pagasus Descending and it was the best yet…he scared me to death at one point because I thought he had killed off a main character and I was crying like a baby..ok..so I get a little into my books…Also have Kill Me by Stephen White and so far I have had to put it down as I kept thinking:”what the fuck?”..James Patterson and Peter De Junge’s Beach Road and so far it is kick ass..Also have Michael Connelly’s Crime Beat and it is a series of articles he wrote when he was a crime beat reporter…pretty cool…but kind of a let down after Lincoln Lawyer..which was really good…I also have a bunch of paperbacks that I bought at garage sales this past weekend.. I swear to you I am not stalling about 1976 as I am almost done with it(on draft)..but I need to find out what the line up was for the Outlaw Concert in ’76 down on the Steiner Ranch where I lived at the time…I have written Lana Nelson hoping she might be able to help, but haven’t heard back from her..but she is a busy girl..taking those fabulous pictures of her Daddy and writing those great articles for the Perdenales Poo Poo..which if you are a Willie Nelson fan and have not checked out his website…well, you’re really missing something..I think I have him on my blog roll… I plan to post saturday on 1976 if I have the line up or not..it will be fun….nothing but drinking and partying in redneck Austin city limits….and I meet Lane and live in a octagon shaped apartment building…with a bedet in the bathroom..boy howdy….

9 Responses to “…….BOOKS…I HAVE BOOKS…….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I went to the library the other day and bought a few used books there. I got two Tony Hillerman novels and Five Agatha Christie paperbacks. 7 Books and it cost 75 cents.
    I’m still reading The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide. I just started book 4, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
    I’m lost in the Universe and can’t find my way home.

  2. happy happy Says:

    My illness derailed my reading. I’ll get back to it.

  3. Jezebelle Says:

    I would like to read more but never get around to it. One of my fav book is labeled as a young adult novel but I think it is more than that. It is called The Giver by Louis Lowry.

    Looking forward to 76!

  4. Junebugg Says:

    Hey, I posted about reading, too! I didn’t name any authors because I have so many it’s hard to pick just a few!

    I didn’t know Rednecks and bidets go togather!!

  5. PJ Says:

    I have slacked on my reading something awful. I have new books sitting here and not read. Maybe when winter rolls around I will pick up again. Your books all look like good reading.

  6. Big Pissy Says:

    I’m right there with pj….I have several new books sitting her waiting to be read.

    But between reading all my magazines and blogs and blogging and the getting the two dogs I had to adjust to the new dog we just got….

    I love those Stephanie Plum books….Granny is great! 🙂

  7. leo myshkin Says:

    that prick with the willie nelson book hasn’t returned it yet. it was due yesterday so it must some pot smoker with a poor memory that checked it out.

    drugs, alcohol and a bidet; if that isn’t nice, what is?

  8. cyberoutlaw Says:

    I’m behind you on the Burkes. I’ve just started Crusader’s Cross. Awesome writer. I don’t think anyone out there is better with words.

    Read Lincoln Lawyer too. Thought it was possibly Connelly’s best.

  9. Ona Says:

    Appreciation to my father who informed me concerning this web site, this weblog is in fact awesome.

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