Yes it is that time again…and we actually had a little action this weekend…Knights of Columbus had a brand new opening party for their new KC grounds and held the 3rd annual BBQ cook off with 73 teams.They had bbqued chicken, ribs, and brisket. They had a pull off too, which kind of fits in with my dick post…I’m sorry I just can’t let that go..I thought it was funny.They even had kids driving miniture tractors, lawn mowers etc..I will see if they post any pictures on the westfest website and if so will post them here next time I do a west post…
We are having our West Rodeo too, and going to have the West Rodeo Parade like last year..Which like I said..used to be a lot more fun when I was drinkng..we would give the guys riding horses in the parade so much beer they all looked like Lee Marvin on that horse in the movie Cat Ballew…The West Rodeo is being refered to as the ‘Old Time West in West.’The Flying C Rodeo Co. of Madil, Oklahoma is the rodeo producer and this is an U.P.R.A. sanctioned event…When I lived on Steiner Ranch they always produced the Waco Rodeo and I would actually recognize some of the bulls. Had watched them grow up from calves to ‘king of the road’ I would take the kids to the Waco Rodeo and we would say:”look, there’s the one that we had to stop the truck for an hour till he decided to move off the road..or there’s the one that charged the truck and chased us to the next cattle guard…or that’s the one we used to feed and he would let us pet him…”..we knew every bull in the Rodeo…Was pretty cool.
West and the TXDOT, are planning a beautification project for the junction of I-35 and FM 2114..It is going to have curbs, pavers,ornamental grasses,and yucca’s, all of which are native or naturalized to the area.It’s going to cost $70,700 and West will pay $8,381 for the cost of paver materials…Supposed to start in November..They showed pictures and it will really be pretty and a great attraction for people coming to West…
Lindsey Dale Marek is engaged to Jerret Alan Willbourn.Will marry on Sept.23rd At Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Abbot.Vicki Kostecka is engaged to Jon Stalnaker.
Twins Michael and Michelle are celebrating their 40th birthday.Shawn Michael Hill is 1 year old.Savannah Porter just turned 1 also along with Paige Linnenkugel.Wish you could see their pictures …so cute…Two births…McKinnley Nicole Weir weighted in at 8lbs.3 ozs. and 19 1/2 inches long..Emerson Rhys Upmore was born on June1st, and weighed 7lbs.6 ozs.and 19 1/2 inches long..I think the heat has a lot to do with some of the death’s here in West as we have 7 deaths..from 59 to 94..
50th years ago they had an election in West and one of the referendum’s was on segregation.They are asked to vote on if they want negroes to go to school with the white kids, and to vote on if they want to continue segregation in the town. The other one is for states rights…The article encourages people to get out and vote…also 50 years ago they had the dedication of The Church of the Assumption (where I go to light candles all the time).They had a Czech service and then one in English.
But the very best news of all is the W.E. Electric Team won the State Girls Tee-ball championship…They won by scores of 24-9,28-7,16-9,24-23 and 15-12….Not too shabby…
So we had a busy week…I decided to check out our new drive thru …ahhh, Lordy I love West…Right next to the Skinny’s Convience Store by I-35 is a empty lot..so the West Station Steak House put up a fixture that is in all practicality a camper trailor ..gutted out and installed with a short order kitchen…fully a/c’d with a drive thru window…So I thought I would check it out and went Sunday and got a Cheeseburger to go…It was huge…I got it with everything..mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles…it smellllllled sooo good and the patty looked like a 1/2 lb. by the time I got home I thougth I would eat the carton it came in just to get to it..I wasn’t disappointed…It was hot, juicy,and had 2 slices of cheese..It dripped and ran down my chin…I hate to say this..but it was as good as the Bold Church ladies hamburgers…It cost more, but it was bigger…damn..I could go for one now..but it’s 11pm and they are closed..too bad you guys weren’t here for one…drive down Babs and I will treat you…
To end my post on West by Goddess, Texas I have two quotes from my favorite Will’s…Will Rogers and Willie Nelson…
Will Rogers said:” A fool and his money will soon get elected.”
Willie said when asked about George W. Bush:”He’s not from Texas and he ain’t a cowboy, so let’s stop trashin’ Texans and Cowboy’s.”….Wish you all could come down for Westfest…it’s a hoot.

13 Responses to “60TH ANNUAL WEST RODEO SET FOR AUGUST 10,11,AND 12TH”

  1. Debbie Says:

    That cheeseburger description is really making me want to cook something at this hour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Debbie Says:

    Oh, minus onions, Debbies doesn’t do onions! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Rodeo…didn’t they still exist.
    Hello! Hope you don’t mind my passing by. I’m here from Dr. John.

  4. Junebugg Says:

    I wish I could come down, I’m actually on vacation but it’s a long way and there’s things gotta be done here. Damn, now you’ve made me hungry with that cheeseburger description and I’m trapped here at work……

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    Cheeseburgers again! I’m gonna gain 50 pounds just reading blogs around here.
    One thing that struck me as I was reading about West. When I got to the 1 year birthdays it hit me that you probibly posted their births in a West news post last year. I think you were doing them back then.
    Time + Money = no West Rodeo for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. Paul Says:

    Gotta find me a cowgirl and get to the rodeo !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. grasshopper Says:

    Amen Willie!

  8. buddha_girl Says:

    Damn, damn, damn! I wanna go to West Fest! Buddha’s been able to experience MANY festivals and fairs this summer. He digs ’em.

    I also think he and I could make a dent in one of those burgers! Now I ask you, where in the HELL can one actually get a burger with TWO slices of cheese these days? Good times!

    PS I will NOT ingest mayo. Do ya think they’d leave it off if I smiled big and let my boobies shake a little?

  9. Jezebelle Says:

    My mouth is watering for that burger!

    It is so neat to hear about rodeos. I think I would love Texas aside from the heat. But shit, it is hot everywhere now, so what is the difference?

  10. leo myshkin Says:

    what about kinky? was he there flipping burgers?

  11. Carina Says:

    I want a cheeseburger now and I don’t even LIKE burgers….
    Wooo, I miss the west and rodeos. I’d come down if I could…

  12. john Says:

    willie dishing bush ! the man has no friends even in cowboy country . shades of dixie chicks .

  13. Junebugg Says:

    JackieSue-you gotta go read this story Electric Beagles

    I swear I laughed until I peed my pants!

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