The Eagles (who as you all know i detest) are playing the Raiders….and so far the eagles are looking better than the raiders..fuckity fuck fuck fuck...ohh wait…oakland at 23 yard line…interception…HU- rah…sic em…(HALF TIME…EAGLES UP BY 3..I TOOK OAKLAND AND 3..)
I fucked up…we were
right on the brink of getting rain..and I went outside and rolled the window up on the fuckity truck and bip..rain gone…You know what? I think I will go see Chief Of Police Langston and see if it is against the law to have a sign on my truck that says ‘jackie’s fuckity truck’….best get my new tag first…don’t want to give them a reason to pull me over…they already give me second looks because of the Kinky Friedman bumper stickers…and my ACLU sticker that says ‘I refuse to surrender my freedom’….Judas priest.I’m begging to get pulled over…
..if you want to get your own made up license plate go to:
and everyone say thank you to Dom…he did it for me and got the info for me..it came from his post on the lady who had license plate that said nwtf….she had it for years and then all of a sudden they went…uh…nope..can’t have it…
I will post the 1979 post tomorrow…lots of music but none that I
remember…still don’t know who the buzzcocks are..and think apos is the only one who remembers them…yea..if any one would know about buzzcocks it would be apos…
I re
connected with Gary M. he is one of the brothers that grew up with my boys…he is Maryjo’s age and used to be one of her biggest crushes…even dated for a while…but think he knew that it was not going to work and broke it off before it got out of hand and she got hurt and we beat the crap out of him…and she did get hurt, but we only thought about being the crap out of him..as we pretty much knew it was her crush on him…not his on her…Anyhow..he came over last night with his two sons..who are the cutest boys..one brown headed and one red headed..little skate boarders…I gave them watermellon and Dr.Pepper while Gary and I put the bikes in his truck…one of the bikes was a huffy from the 70’s, a texas ranger from the 50’s and a renegrade from the 60’s…had given him all the tile’s and tile cutter yesterday, and some other tools that I was going to sell at next yard sale..but hate them so much, so decided to give them to him instead…He said he would be back as he saw there were somethings that needed to be done around the yard…when they left the boys gave me a hug and so did Gary..when he hugged me he said “I love you”…and I said oh I love you too sweetie and the same to the boys…and then I came inside and bawled like a baby…My son has spoken to me once since christmas, MJ hasen’t spoke to me since the day before her 33rd birthday in May…and even though Jenny calls me and keeps in touch, taking me to dinner, I have felt very unloved for some time..so that made me feel pretty good…
Ah jeez, enough of THAT shit…
Going to go work on 1979…..I swear that is the end of the years…who really gives a fuck about what happened in the 80’s..ha..I can start out by going:”Monday…worked came home cooked dinner drank myself to sleep….Tuesday…worked came home cooked dinner drank myself to sleep…ditto ditto ditto….week-ends went to west got drunk drove home …judas priest..how I kept from getting arrested or having a wreck while drunk is beyond me…Damn…I wish I had gotten sober much sooner.(no wonder my kids won’t talk to me)ahh, them what if’s will kick your ass..
going to go roll the windows down on the fuckity truck and hope that will bring on the rain…….


10 Responses to “…….FIRST GAME OF THE PRE-SEASON…….”

  1. Jane Says:

    I fell asleep… who won? It’s only preseason…
    Stop what if’ing…

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    Wash the Fuckity Truck and you will bring on a flood. Football is starting earlier every year, having training camps as early as they do is not real bright with the heat and all. Besides, it interferes with my baseball.
    My spell checker tried to change fuckity too luckily

  3. apositivepessimist Says:

    heyyy it wasn’t me with the Buzzcocks…although I do know who they are/were.

    aww JS that made me get sooky. I’m liking this Gary and his boys. hugs are magic! I am very happy that you received some of that magic…may it happen again real soon.

    here! git yer big boobies outta the way and I’ll give you a cyber one roight NOW!

    feel me?

  4. Paul Says:

    You are a deliciously sexy lady and you like football too. Will wonders never cease ? πŸ™‚

  5. dom Says:

    The Buzzcocks best known song was “Ever fallen in love ( with someone you shouldn’t’ve ) I’ll send it if you like.

    Hint for ya Jackie , to add a link to another site type in it’s name , like ACME and highlight it by rollin your mouse over it; at the top of your posting blog there’s a funny lil dude with boogle eyes click him and a boxy pops up with http:// in it, put the link there and click OK , Hey presto a clickable link … I won’t go into links that open in new windows πŸ™‚
    Hope this helps.

    Dunno if you saw the Prisoners M&M art but here’s the link to his “Art”
    NY Times.

    There’s a slideshow just on the left…. they ain’t half bad considering what they were made from.

  6. Maritzia Says:

    Awwww Jackiesue….I know what it’s like to be lonely. Just remember, though, your kids issues are *their* issues. Not yours. You can’t change who you are to make them happy. *laughs* I learned that from my parents…I had to be me and not what they wanted me to be. Your kids need to learn to leave the past behind and love you for who you are now! I hope their reading this, too! And if they are, just let me tell them that my Dad was an alcoholic and my mom was abusive. I know from where I speak. So there!

  7. leo myshkin Says:

    i’d like to go a week without seeing or hearing that fucking john madden. all fucking weekend i saw him on tv re the hall of fame.

    i wish his bus would run him over.

  8. JuBlue Says:

    I do hope your kids come around, for your sake and for theirs. Take care.

  9. Anonymous Says:

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  10. stepford Says:

    All work and no play makes Stepford a dull clone…

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