Thanks to my great friend Dom…I have a new Texas plate for my truck….here ’tis…..


17 Responses to “…….MY NEW TEXAS LICENSE PLATE…….”

  1. dom Says:

    Glad you like it 🙂
    The rest of the Fuckity fuck fuck wouldn’t fit ! LMAO

  2. Carina Says:

    Ha! Love it.
    I’m waiting for your 1979 entry….that was the year I landed in the US, California. Within a month I was getting high at a party, naked in a hot tub with lots of other nekkid people. Woo, that was fun…I thought California, HERE I AM! Heh.

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    I want one but FULL OF SHIT won’t fit.
    I’m waiting for 79 too that was the year I quit being a bartender because my boss and the owner were selling coke out of the bar. Back to Air Force and boredom.
    They all went to jail a year later.
    I couldn’t be tied to even a rumor of that back then in the Air Force. Then you were guilty until proven inocent and you had to do the proving.

  4. Autumn Says:

    That fits you pefect. I know its one of your favorite words lol.

  5. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    thats a great liscense plate. and it suits you well, too. i have always wanted the one from the movie ‘jeepers creepers’

    beatngu– or, the way it is pronounced- ‘be eating you’

    for all the ladies out here…

    heh heh heh

  6. :P fuzzbox Says:

    Cool plate.

  7. grasshopper Says:

    I could get one that just says “fuck” and then we could get a few more cars with “fuck” plates to follow you where ever you go. So, then it would be fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck…
    The Goddess would want it this way.

  8. texlahoma Says:

    It would be cool if when police lights flash on it, a little “OH” would appear in front of the fuckity. “OH FUCKITY”

    We bought a used car from Texas thats tag was XXX something, hated to put the lame OK tag on it.

    I should probably already know this but where is babs?

  9. leo myshkin Says:

    but what if it attracts the cops???

    me and my corolla like to avoid the boys whenever possible. they have lousy overnight accomodations.

  10. Sling Says:

    LOL..It’s you!

  11. Jezebelle Says:

    I want me one of those!

  12. Junebugg Says:

    I guess this makes you one of the cool kids, what with a designer plate and all…….

  13. Joshua Says:

    Cool plate. Maybe when I come to West to be corrupted, I’ll ride around with you in the “fuckity truck”.

  14. Lauren Says:

    LOL Joshua!!! I was thinking the same thing.

    A few years ago, I tried to get a plate that said:

    EMETIB . . . .

    They tuned it down. . . Damned DMV folks are smarter than I gave them credit for. . . LOL!!!

    My all-time favorite was on a really nasty looking Lincoln Town Car I saw in LA a few years ago. . .



  15. Anonymous Says:

    ah i love it..the fuckity truck….
    what is EMETIB? doh!

  16. yellowdog granny Says:

    uh that’s me….up there..is there an arrow on the key board? ^^^^^ ahh found it…

  17. tina Says:

    Rawkin :p

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