My sister Donna told me he was bad news,every one in Strikly Country,Wolf’s and the Nightowl said he was bad news..Did I listen? Fuck no…!But look at it this way Jackiesue..if you hadn’t had such lousy luck with men, this series of posts starting with 1960 would have really been boring..ain’t that right folks?…His name was Roger S.he had a beard and sorta looked a little like Willie…but better…He thought I was funny and didn’t try to hump me the first time we were alone..and he could kiss….hooodoggie..But he was an asshole…I always knew he was an asshole.I still thought like most women…”I can fix him”…let me tell you right now…if a man is broke…he can’t be fixed..especially if he’s an asshole…once an asshole…always a asshole..trust me on this..We spent the next 6 years making each other’s lives miserable…I have been back in West for 12 years..he also lives here, yet we have not seen or spoke to each other in all that time…because he knows if I see him, I just might forget that I promised not to kick the shit out of him the next time I saw him. He knows me well enough to know….I lied..
During one of our apart times I went into Strickly Country and he was sitting at the bar.I hadn’t seen him in about 3 months..almost didn’t recognize him…he had shaved his beard...I walked to the bar, ordered my Lone Star and told Jerry who was behind the bar:”Well, now I know what my pussy would look like if I shaved it.”…Roger finished his beer and got up and left…Jerry was still laughing although you couldn’t see her..she was laying on her back on the floor kicking her legs in the air..
refuse to spend any more time on him…I should have know better to get involved with him…. My dog Bill loved everyone…EVERYONE.. and he tried to bite Roger the first time he saw him.(he also pissed on his leg)…a dog who never even barked at people..should have trusted Bill..But I wasn’t the only one having a bad year...oil spills polluted ocean waters in Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico..Ohio agreed to pay $675,000 to families of dead and injured in Kent State University shootings…Vietnam and Vietnam backed Cambodian insurgents announced the fall of Phnom Penh, Cambodian capital and the collapse of Pol Pot regime.The Shaw left Iraq after years of turmoil.Revolutionary forces under Muslim leader, Ayatollah RuhollahKhomeini,take over.Margaret was elected Prime Minister in Great Britian. Three Mile Island had a little nuclear problem..called it an accident… ooops..droping your clean laundry in the mud is an accident what happened there was a huge fuckup..
nt Carter and Premier of Russia’s Brezhnev signed the SALT II agreement…and the music was almost as big a fuck up as Three Mile Island…I was drunk and disorderly and listening mostly to country ..but ya’ll were listening to:
‘Shooting Star’by Dollar,’Some Girls’by Racey, ‘The Long Run’by the Eagles, ‘Spiral Scratch’by them ole Buzzcocks.
on the world’by Judas Priest,’What a fool believes’by the Doobie Brothers,’You need me’by Anne Murray,’Roll over Beethoven’by Chuck Berry,’What ever you want’by Status Quo,’Union City Blues’by Blondi and ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’by McFadden and Whitehead,’Bad case of loving you’by Robert Palmer,’Bat out of hell’by Meat Loaf,’Boy’s don’t cry’,by the Cure,’Boys keep swinging’by David Bowie,’Can’t stand losing you’by the Police,‘Chelsea Girls’by Simple Minds,’Chiquitita and Does your mother know’by ABBA.’Crazy little thing called love’by Queen,’Do anything you wanna do and Sara by Thin Lizzy.’Don’t bring me down and Horace Whimp by ELO,’Don’t do me like that’by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,’Don’t stop til you get enough’Michael Jackson,‘Go West and In the navy’by the Village People,’Good times roll,Let’s go, and Just what I needed’by The Cars.’Highway to hell’by AC/DC,’Hold the line’by Toto,’I want you to want me’by Cheap Trick,’Japanese Girl’by Riff Regan,’Kid’by The Pretenders,and ‘Lady’by Little River Band.
A song
that when ever I hear it I see it sung by Eddie Murray,’Roxanne’by the Police.’The Ballad of Lucy Jordan’by Marianne Faithful,’Heart of Glass and One Way or another’by Blondi.’Reunited’by Peaches and Herb,’Bad Girl’ by Donna Summer,’My Sharona and Good Girls dont’by the Knack,’Sad Eyes’by Robert John,’Rise’by Herb Alpert,’Heartache Tonight’by the Eagles,’Still’by the Commodores,’No more tears and enough is enough’ by Barbara Striesand and Donna Summer.’Babe’by STYX,’Escape(the Pina Cola Song) by Rubert Holmes,’Another Brick in the Wall’by Pink Floyd(watched them on pbs the other night)”Walking on the moon and message in a bottle’by the Police.’When you’re in love with a beautiful woman’by Dr. Hook..(I love ‘Slyvia’s Mother Said’ and ‘Alcopulco Goldie’).’Video killed the radio star’by the Buggles,’tragedy’ by Bee Gees, ‘Ring my Bell’by Anita Ward,’I will survive’by Gloria Gaynor and ‘Sunday Girl’by Blondi.One of the greatest songs sung by one of the greatest singers…’The Rose’by Bette Midler,’Cars’ by Gary Numan,’Old Time Rock and Roll’by Bob Seger, ‘Bright Eyes’by Art Garfunkle,’I don’t like Monday’s’by Boomtown Rats,’Soul Man’by the Blues Brothers.”We are Family’by Sister Sledge and last but not least’The Devil Went Down To Georgia’by Charlie Daniels Band….
was listening to Don Williams sing’Tulsa Time’, ‘Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound’by Hank Williams,Jr.,’Sweet Memories’by Willie,’Save the last dance for me’by Emmylou Harris.’It’s a Cheating Situation’by Moe Bandy…(while I am mentioning Moe Bandy I have to tell you about the time I hit his brother so hard in the nose, he flipped over the pool table at the Lodges…They were having rodeo school and Moe’s brother was there..can’t for the life of me remember what his name is..but he decided to get fresh with the waitress, who happened to be me…so I punched him out…Got a standing ovation from the rest of the cowboys..he was a little prick and hadn’t made many friends by reminding everyone who his brother was…..I think that may have been what I said to him when I punched him out…’don’t give a fuck who your brother is asshole…leave the tits alone’)’Amanda’ by Waylon Jennings,’Crazy Blue Eyes’by Lacy J. Dalton, and one of my favorites…’ When I die, I know I’ll go to Texas’ by Tanya Tucker…
So…it’s the end of the 70’s..and not a moment too soon..
.because…the 70’s sucked, bit and blew…
I don’t think I can do the 80’s…just too drunk to remember what all I did…or who…..



  1. Granny Says:

    I’m a big Don Williams fan. Always thought he was way underappreciated.

  2. Carina Says:

    Oh, say it ain’t so – you’re not doing the 80s? 😦
    Eddie Murphy singing Roxanne on the bus, yes! I remember that.
    Good dog, Bill.

  3. Junebugg Says:

    Hell, most of us have had our fair share of Assholes. Bill reminds me of a line from the movie “How to make an American Quilt”.

    Picture this: young girl sitting on the porch steps pouring out her heart to Granny who’s sitting in the rocker shelling peas. Girl’s heart has been broken by asshole. Granny spits and says…….

    “Hell, all a woman really needs is a hot water bottle and a good dog”.

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    Yep the 80’s were pretty drunk. I spent the first 9 years married to the female version of Roger the asshole. I spent about a year alone in California and almost two in Korea and they were the happiest of my marriage. I was kind of hoping you would do the 80’s so I could find out what happened and try to revive some of my lazy memory cells.
    Was there any music released in the 80’s

  5. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    well, if you were too drunk to be able to do the 80’s you will miss out on doing the best year to ever exist- 1980-
    the year this vile venemous vulgar soul you call justin was cast from the bowel’s of hell to the earth…

    its the year i was born…

    in any case, i have really enjoyed reading these recounts of your life and of the past- what happened in the world, and in music.

  6. Paul Says:

    I have a talent for choosing the wrong woman !! LOL

  7. Winston Says:

    Thanks for the memories… you named some songs and artists that vanished with my last brain cell dump.

    That Roger S does sound like one sorry asshole… Damn near as sorry as a couple of my exes…

  8. Nancy Says:

    Come here and give me a hug woman! God I missed you and your humor. Seven days in the hospital was too much!

    Loved the dog pissing on his leg, hehehehehe.

  9. R. Rodgers Says:

    Jackiesue a dog new another dog and wanted to whip his ass. Good post, take care.

  10. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    i did get your email cards, and thank you for them.

  11. Joshua Says:

    Wow, what a kickass year for music, eh? Too bad about Roger.

  12. leo myshkin Says:

    that is one beautiful dog!

  13. buddha_girl Says:

    When in doubt, trust your pet. ‘Nuff said.

  14. Anonymous Says:

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  17. Normy Says:

    Yea… ALWAYS trust your dog… they definately know things we don’t. My dog Daisy peed on my cousin’s boyfriend the first time she brought him over. He’s a slimy bastard too. She’s never peed on my guy though so that’s a good omen…

  18. john Says:

    you’re unlucky w / men ? i’d say , the men lost their opportunity .
    i guess the dog was a male .

  19. JuBlue Says:

    I remember hearing the Police for the first time and thinking they were so cool and so different. Still a big fan.

    I’m confused. 80’s or no 80’s?

  20. apositivepessimist Says:

    oh I nearly wet myself at the shaved pussy jibe.

    I loved that song by racey…cackle whut a crap band name…raceeey.

    yaay quo…francis rossi was the first bloke I “knew” called francis. damn I loved them.

    adored the knack…it was one cassette tape that went the distance with me. played it so damn much on my little cassette player.

    I couldn’t get enough of the police.

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