So! What’dya think? Its a big fucker ain’t it.? (over 9 feet long…)I have been trying to figure out what to write about next…I was iffy about doing the 80’s…but what the fuck…I have done the most difficult years..except ’82 is the year my Daddy died…and if I start on that year, I will have you all weeping…ahh, fuck it…everyone needs a good cry…My granddaughter Jennifer is coming by tomorrow..was coming by today but I had a brain fart and would have made her make two trips and that is too high with gas the way it is…So tomorrow she will come over and I will fix dinner for her and her boyfriend…2 rib eyes, 2 baked potatoes with sour cream and grilled asparagus…then she will stay and bullshit with granny for a while and then take it to Jason so they can eat together after he gets off work…she said Granma that is so extra extra sweet of you…I said that is because you are extra extra sweet..and Jason gets to benefit because he is smart enough to pick you to be with…
They just got back from the coast with her daddy, step-mom, step-brother, sist
er,one of Scott’s friends and her and Jason..Thom even let her and Jason share a bedroom..Thom rented a 4 bedroom house with their own pool and 4 blocks from the beach..so they had a really nice time..except Jamie and her boyfriend Zac broke up(horay horay) and Jamie has gone totally fucking redneck…some women use their brains to think with and some use their …well, you get the idea…so anyhow I wanted Jenny to know how proud of her I am..going to school full time, working full time…and doing good with her life…She deserves a good turn…and who better than Granny…(Jamie is the one with the pit bulls..)
Well, enjoy your sleep tonight thinking about that gigantic Texas rattler…wonder if he had a mate???


18 Responses to “…….WE GROW ‘EM BIG IN TEXAS…….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I saw that picture a couple of days ago somewhere on the net with a recipe for grilled Rattler steaks, I think.
    Made me hungry but I couldn’t find any Rattle Snake steaks at Wal-Mart so I hade to settle for chicken, they (say it tastes like snake). You write about whatever you feel like and watch out for monkeys. 🙂

  2. :P fuzzbox Says:

    Thats a big un. I bet even my old buddy the snakeman would have shied away from that rascal.

    My friend the snakeman’s favorite thing to do was to walk up to a rattler and step on his head and pull his rattlers off and let the sucker loose.

  3. Lauren Says:

    That’s one big-ass snake!! You can keep that fucker in Texas!!!

    Your grandkids are adorable!! Two fine young ladies. I know you are proud of both of them.

    We haven’t heard anything about Shady lately. . . What’s going on with her?


    Oh stop! You know you love hugs!

  4. Granny Says:

    I saw it too, complete with recipe. I can’t remember where though. Probably another Texan.

  5. Paul Says:

    I don’t like snakes, but I survived my ex-wife. She was a pit viper! LOL

  6. buddha_girl Says:

    That snake is horrific. And I don’t want anyone telling me it tastes like chicken. If I want chicken, I’m EATING CHICKEN. *gag*

    I like the idea of trying to get Jamie to train those pitbulls to take a nibble out of her exbf. Do ya like?

  7. john Says:

    the girls are beautiful . just like grandma .

    snakes are good approdiciacs . b4 viagra , that , reptiles , and bull’s balls are the favs of men w/ ed .

    not that i need assistance to raise the flag , but i’ve tasted them all and i enjoyed these delicasies !

  8. Fat Lady Says:

    What a huge snake. What beautiful girls. What a great grandma!

    Also a wonderful friend!

  9. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    What beautiful girls!! Being a Grama is just the best thing ever, huh? I love it.

    We have killed 17 rattlers where we are at . Thank the Goddess they aren’t that big. My prospector friend Linda is making hatbands, watchbands and belts with the skins. She made 2 gorgeous hatbands for Dale’s hats. The longest has been just over 4 ft with 8 rattles…I never even want to see one the size of that fucker…

  10. Jezebelle Says:

    I HATE snakes. I have a real irrational fear of them. Seeing that picture makes me want to pick my feet up off the floor cause I don’t know what is crawling there. If I hear a noise now or if something touches me I will yell and jump. I have no idea why I am like this! Stupid but I can’t help it!

    You are a super sweet granny! That dinner sounds YUMMY! And your grandaughters are beautiful!

  11. Junebugg Says:

    Sounds like y’all got a nice day planned. Of couse those girls are good looking, what else would
    you expect from JackieSue’s kin!

  12. Donna Says:

    Grandkids are so cute! You’re such a nice granny to make her and her man dinner. Did ya save any for me?

  13. leo myshkin Says:

    grandkids and pitbulls. it don’t get much better than than!!

    that snake would probably be worth a few buck in hong kong!

  14. texlahoma Says:

    I remember watching indian snake dances when I was little, can’t remember if it was Navajo, probably. Any way they weren’t crazy enough to use snakes that big but they did use poisonous snakes!
    Once, when I was about 7, I wanted to ditch some anoying kids so I said “Look! Run! It’s a big ol’ rattle snake, run home!
    I was feeling pretty smart with my little lie until their dad showed up with a great big, long barreled western .44 pistol wanting to know where I saw the snake. I just took him to where I said I saw it, then went home feeling not very smart at all.

  15. Pikkel Weezel Says:


  16. Rantin' Ron Says:

    Holy Shiite Muslim!!

    Now THAT’S a freakin’ SNAKE.

    Enjoy my sleep HELL!

    In the words of Jac….

    Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!

    You sound like a great Granny Jac…your munchkins are lucky to have you.


  17. Carina Says:

    You are a great granny (well we already knew that) and beautiful granddaughters too.
    Cool snake.

  18. Jane Says:

    Have I metioned the NFLNET channel lately?

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