Still working at Jones-Blair and me and ole Wiggley are still best buds..we had another guy that worked there named Ralph. Ralph was gay but was way in the closet..he was so far into the closet, I don’t think he knew he was gay.But he was fun to work with, I liked my job and was proud of all that I had learned and could do..I am still driving the 17 miles back and forth to West on the weekend to party. The more I think about it, the more I know that I have an angel looking after me..I never had a wreck, never got stopped and still think I am stupid for doing it.By this time I had tried to mend fences with MOJO’s grandparents as I truly believed she needed them in her life.My Daddy thought I was an idiot for doing so..but I felt I had to do what was right for her and not what I thought was bad for me..Now that she is 33 I wonder if I did the right thing…She is close to her Grandma(her Grandpa died 2 years ago)…and loves her very much..but all those years she had on one hand what I said happened to her Father and then the D’s version of what they had to think, to live with themselves…They lied to her about so many things…and she never found out the truth about most of it till 4-5 years ago…But they were and are, all she has of her Daddy, so she blindly over looks alot. I don’t think I have come out on the good end of any of this..all I can do is know the truth and live with it.To them..I am still the one that shot and killed their son..that sweet kind gentle boy.…yeah, right…
At the
end of the year Daddy called me and said they thought he had a stroke but he was better and had just retired from civil service..he was going to enjoy his retirement..he had worked hard all of his life…now all he was going to do was take his grandkids fishing, watch baseball and football on tv and just enjoy life..If only it had been like that.
The rest of the world wasn’t doing so well either..
Reagan took the oath as our 40th President…yeah, this just keeps getting better and better.Soon as he was sworn in they set the 52 American hostages free. They were there since 1979.Don’t know what kind of deal the Reagan administration made with them to get them set free, but think we are still paying the price for it..
President R
eagan was shot along with Presidental Secretary and two law-enforcement agents.Gee wonder how many people’s lives might have been saved from aids if he had not made it. Considering he was President for 8 years and never said the word...Thank Goddess for Elizabeth Taylor who started the first Aids Organization..
It was a
bad year for getting shot..Pope John Paul II was wounded by a gunman also.
Reagan nominates
the first woman to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day-O’Conner.
This is a
lso the year that aids was discovered and for 8 damn years the administration did jackshit..fuckers…
The music was a little better, but not much..They sure had some weierd ass songs..’Europa and the Pirate Twins’by Thomas Dolby,’Wild Colonial Boy’by Dr. Hook,’Planet Earth’by Duran Dur
an,’I Could be happy and Happy Birthday’by Altered Image,’Errol’by Australian Crawl,’This little girl’by Gary U.S. Bonds,’Night Games’ by Graham Bonnet,’Scary monsters and super creeps and Up the Hill Backward by David Bowie,’Sat in your lap’by Kate Bush,’Plan B Escape’by Fraeon,’Shake it up’ by the Cars,’How ’bout us’by Champaign,’The Magnificant seven and This is Radio Clash’by the Clash.’In the air tonight’by Phil Collins and every time I hear it..I think of Miami Vice.
‘Good yea
r for the rose’by Elvis Costello and the Attractions,’Charolle Sometimes’by The Cure,’Cool Night’by Paul Davis,‘Star’by Kiki Dee,’Just can’t get enough’by Depeche Mode,’Plan B and Show Me’,by Dexy’s Midnight Runner,’Romeo and Juliet and Tunnel of love’by Dire Straits,’Take it to the limit’by the Eagles,’Let’s Groove’by Earth Wind and Fire,’For your eyes only and When he shines’by Sheena Easton,’Hold on Tight’by ELO,Abacab’by Genesis,’Say I love you’by Renee Geyer,’The Lunitics have taken over the asylum’by Fun Boys Three,’Southern Freeze’by Freeze,’Juke Box Hero and ‘Urgent’by Foreigner,’Bad Habits an You weren’t in love with me’by Billy Field,and ‘Who do you think we are’by Alice Cooper.’The risen’ by the Eagles,’Is that love’by Labelled With Love,’Tonight I’m Your’s’by Rod Stewart,’Thrown Away’by Stranglers,’Rock the town’by the Stray Cats(I like the Stray Cats..alot),’Once in a life time’by Talking Heads,’One in Ten’by UB40,’You better you bet’by The Who,’Just the Two of us’by Grover Washington and Bill Withers,’Elvira’by The Oak Ridge Boys,’Slow Hand’by the Pinter Sisters,’De dododo,De da da da’by the Police,’Hello Again’, by Neil Diamond,’Sukiyaki'(another favorite) by A Taste of Honey,’Boy from New York City’by Manhattan Transfer,’All those years ago’by George Harrison,’9 to 5’by Dolly Parton,’I Love a Rainy Night’by Eddie Rabbit,’Keep on loving you’by REO Speedwagon,’Rapture’by Blondi,’Private eyes and Kiss on my list’by Daryl Hall and John Oates,’Morning train’by Sheena Easton,’Bette Davis Eyes’by Kim Carnes(oh man, I loved that song…doofus me..)’Every woman in the world and ‘The One that you love’by Air Supply,’Jesse’s Girl’by Rick Springfield(if you are interested..he is back on General Hospital too),’Endless Love’by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie,’Authur’s Theme’by Christopher Cross,’Physical’by Olivia Newton-John,’Begin the Beguine‘by Julio Iglesias,’Under Pressure’by Queen and David Bowie,’Every little thing she does is magic’by the Police,‘Prince Charming and Stand and Deliver’by Adam and the Ants,’Tainted Love’by Soft Cell(best selling single of ’81)’Japanese boy and This old house’by Shakin’ Stevens,’Kings of the Wild’by Frontier,’Jealous Guy’by Roxy Music,’The Land of make believe, and Making your mind up by Bucks Fizz,’Aie a mwana’by Bananarama,’Woman and Imagine’by John Lennon,and who could forget that wonder piece of music:”Shuddup You Face’by the Joe Dolce Music Theater…(shake your bootie….shake your bootie…)
‘One day in your life’by Michael Jackson,’Under your thumb’by Godley and Creme,’Back Fired’by Debbie harry,’Can’t get enough of you’by Eddy Grant,’Love action’by Human League,’Body Talk’by Imagination,’Can You feel i
t and Funeral Pyre’by The Jam,’Super Freak’by Rick James,’Quiet Life’by Japan,’No Body wins’, by Elton John,’Razzamatazz’by Quincey Jones,’Watching the wheels’by John Lennon,I shot the sherrif’by Life of the world,’Intuition’by Linx,’Grey Day and It must be love’by Madness,’Only Crying’by Keith Marshall,’If you Leave can I come too and Too many times’by Mentals,’Good thing going’by Sugar Minott,’Mental Hospital, by Missing Persons,’Angel of the morning and Queen of Hearts’by Juice Newton( I like her music very very much),’Hip shake jerk’by The Quick,’Pretty in Pink’by Psychedelic Furs,’Why do fools fall in love’by Diana Ross,’Runaround Sue’by Racey,’Start me up and Waiting on a friend’, by The Stones,’Wired for Sound’by Cliff Richard,’Controversy’by Prince,’I go to sleep’by Pretenders,’Invisible Sun’by Police,’Over the Mountains’,by Ozzie Osbourne,’Souvenir’by OMD,’She Still Cares’by Gary Numan,’Stop dragging my heart around’by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.Last but not least…one of those forgetable songs…or at least I did…
“There’s a guy who works down the chip shop swear’s he’s Elvis’…..by Kristy MacColl….
I on t
he other hand was an admired of Merle Haggard who is the only person I know that can rhyme Drink and Bank…as in You can take it to the bank,I’m just going to sit here and drank’….ahh yes…’Angel flying to close to the ground’by Willie,’Texas Women’by Hank Williams,jr.’Seven year Ache and My baby thinks he’s a train’by Roseanne Cash,’All my rowdy friends have all settled down’by ole Hank, jr. and another great George Jones song….’Still Doing Time‘…when people ask me what I’m doing I always say ‘just doing my time.’
1982 is one of the worse years of my life …so I am not looking forward to it…but…I’ll do it…only because I said I would…but you sonsabitches owe me…big time…


20 Responses to “1981…..MY BLUE JEEP……..AND DADDY”

  1. Jane Says:

    Ooooo…Foreigner “Double Vision” was my first album I ever bought.
    Actually, one of my brothers paid for it because he was so proud I didn’t pick a disco album. Hell, they kicked my ass if I listened to disco.
    We can pretend that 1982 never happened if you want.

  2. buddha_girl Says:

    *sigh* The Police. I was in love with them…still admire them…and adore Sting regardless of the fact that some of his recent stuff is just crap. Loved “Dream of the blue Turtles.”

    Good times!

  3. JuBlue Says:

    And the band played on, eh? (Reagan Admin and AIDS).

  4. Pixie Says:

    Sting was my first love, they were just getting big when I started high school but by 1981 I was Adam Ant obbsessed!

  5. apositivepessimist Says:

    me tooooo…stray cats.

    fuck I hated air supply with a passion.

    tainted love…was and still is one of my favourite songs.

    heh mental as anything….shew all you have left to mention of my beloved old aussie bands is the angels with doc neeson the GOD!

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    I can’t remember anything that happened in 82 anyway so lets just say we never had that year.
    Funny I don’t remember that year. I quit drinking and spent most of my time shooting darts. Funny also I quit drinking for about 2 years and remember very little of it. Hmmm.

  7. Nancy Says:

    We do what we think is best for our kids and sometimes it bites us in the ass.

    I feel blessed that you are my friend. 🙂

  8. Maritiza Says:

    *laughs* I knew about 2 of the rock songs you listed, but all of the country one!

    1981…the year the doctors told me I didn’t need any thyroid and stopped my prescription. Everything was a downhill spiral from there.

    Fucking doctors.

  9. Big Pissy Says:

    1982: gave birth to Little Pissy~so a good year for me!

    Air Supply: ack! 😦

  10. Paul Says:

    George “The Possum” Jones – what a voice ! 🙂

  11. R. Rodgers Says:

    1982 my daughter was born that year. I sure love her. It was a good year.

  12. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I despised Reagan almost as much as I do Bush. When he finally died, I was appalled at the fake “mourning” that the country went into over that jerk. What short memories we have! He sent so many innocent people to their graves because of his homophobia.

  13. john Says:

    the 80’s is not too good for me musically . except for some sounds like that from police , jl and pm .
    it’s enjoyable ‘though coz of the simpsons . i heart homer !

  14. leo myshkin Says:

    1 in 10 by UB40 can stand up to any tune in my books.

  15. Joshua Says:

    I was born in this year! So it was a good year indeed. Good for me anyway, not so great for the rest of the world.

  16. Sling Says:

    God…Was I really that young?
    In my defense,that was the year I knew EVERYTHING!

  17. Carina Says:

    Your dad was a nice looking man.
    1981….AIDS – I was living in the SF Bay Area at the time, they called it the “gay flu” and shut down all the bath houses. Has it been that long?

  18. Normy Says:

    Hell yeah George Jones. That man can sing!! My aunt says his hair looks like plastic.

  19. texlahoma Says:

    Ditto what brightyellow gun said.
    Reagans dyed black hair and shoulder pads made me want to puke. I was once again thinking “Are people really fooled by this old fart running up the federal deficit?”

  20. Junebugg Says:

    I was at the height of my “party” stage then-I tried almost anything that didn’t involve a needle. Had a good job, in my early twenties, no work-place drug tests~~~~those were the days. Damn, it’s a wonder I survived. I do believe that I’ve burned out more brain cells than most people ever use…………

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