Checked my mail today and surprise…surprise…I had a package from Va…from the cutest little strawberry blond’s mama.Buddha Girl sent me a care package (which is what I call packages from poeple that care about each other)…It came in a box with happy birthday all over it…so cute..there was a canning jar of peach perserves( I guess,just says peach and looks like jelly or perserves…I know it looks delicious)and lordy lordy…cherries…my favorite..I would mug a cowboy for a jar of cherries…and if this was not enough..a picture of the sweetest face you have ever seen in a little blue refrigerator magnet..which was a piece of art in itself.along with 2 other pictures of that sunshine boy…So while you all may see this sweet face on your computer..I get the joy of having him on my refrigerator and the cork board above my computer…so I have the pleasure of his face all over..going to put the 2 spares in frames and put them by my bed and on the tv…Finally …I have a grandson…and boy am I proud…also included was just the sweetest note from A…I don’t want this to get around..because I do have a reputation to uphold..but it made me cry….Tears of joy..but tears none the less…What is really amazing about this little hunk of burning love…is he could be my grandson..he has the same color hair as mojo had when she was a baby and if you check out my Daddy’s picture and sneak over to BuddhaGirl’s blog adn check out Bobzilla you will see a resemblence..So it was kismet..fate and the work of the Goddess…I have a grandson..nana nana boo boo….life is good….(PS..that picture of that sweet face is my screen saver…what a face)

WEST, TEXAS NEWS…the good, the bad and the ugly..
l start in the middle with the bad…the bad news is..the city of West has a outside watering ban..and it doesn’t look good..We had a major water line break on Walnut Street, which is my street…and I had no water for about 1/2 a day which really made it hot in the house as my a/c had no water going to it and was just blowing hot air..On top of that the #4 water well on Peach Street has been out of operation for about a month..The well might have dropped at the well site causing the pump to run without water and burn up.In addition to the pump,the cable, motor,and casings were damaged.They have been dropping cameras down there to see what is what..so far they don’t know and are in no hurry to just go out and buy a new pump if that is not what is wrong..as a new pump costs between $150,000 to $200,000. That is a lot of money for our little city…I see a price jump in our taxes..jeez, that sucks..
The good i
s really good …our 60th Annual Rodeo was a huge success.The parade was terrific..or so I was told..I forgot all about it and didn’t go..but I haven’t been since I used to drink but just remembering the time me and a bunch of friends got drunk and stole horses from in front of Strickly Country(cowboys were watering their whistles)and rode down the middle of the street after the parade drunker than Cooter Brown, holloring “Bring on them fucking injins”(sorry Nancy)..I think I had best avoid all Rodeo Parades..Other good news is the owners of Jerry’s Chicken Shake sold his building to Bush’s Chicken..which in Texas is a great franchise…I love Bush’s chicken…which I need like more fat on my ass…But the best part of it is..they sold Jerry’s but bought Sulak’s Cafe which has been closed for about 2 years.it is right down town, is a great building and will be great to have it open again..wonder what they will call it? I am very excited…will open in Sept..thinking about going and putting my application in for part time..I’m not sure my back and legs will handle it..but I am up for a try..Wish you could see the resturant..it has a bar that is over 100 years old…pretty cool…
Now the ugly…it’s really ugly…Do you remember me mentioning over a year ago about my best friend David’s girl frie
nd? They broke up because she wanted to get married and he’s not crazy? Well, about 5 years or so her oldest son was killed in a single truck accident(drinking was involved) and she was nearly devastated…her only son who is 24, was in a truck on car car crash(drunk) and killed a 35 year old mother of 3..Five, nine and fourteen…they were all with their mom and were all taken to hospital…Little one is not doing good at all..The arrested him for one charge of intoxication manslaughter, and 3 counts of intoxication assault..If the little girl dies it will change…He is being held on $600,000 bail…I don’t mean to be mean as I not only know his mother but him too…David’s girls are still very close to them…but I can’t find it in my heart to feel sorry for him…No more than I would have expected anyone to feel sorry for me if it had happened to me all those years ago when I drank and drove…Judas priest…how lucky I and other people on the roads were back then…David called me today and we talked and then I saw him up at the store and we discussed it at length..as we both were guilty of doing the same as the kid…Told him again..if you are in Waco and drunk…call me…I will come and get you..no problem…no worries…He has actually done it too..Phone call:’I’m drunk’….me…’I’m fat. Where are you?’…..So please……remember:PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.
No births this week, but a pair of twins are celebrating their
1st birthday..Kendall and Christian McMorrough had a Winnie The Pooh birthday party…Tanner Marak celebrated his 3rd year birthday..and Joseph Lednicky was 7.
Krystal Sparks married Michael McMahon at St. Martin’s in Tours.Besides Debbie F. we had 6 other deaths..bad when that many die and no new babies to replace them…
Fresh faces….ohhhh the fresh new kindergarten faces…one whole page of kindergarten classes..6 of them…Ok, I know I shouldn
‘t do this ..but to reinforce my statement about it being 1957 here…there are 104 kids…2 are black…11 hispanic(where exactly is Hispain)..The town is still mostly lily white Czech…there are less black kids here now than when my kids went to school here(26 years ago)..but almost triple the amount of Hispanic kids…We need a good influx of color here in West…I figure if the Czech’s keep inbreeding we really will be a town of Forest Gumps…there are about 15 major families here and they keep marrying each other..Thank the Goddess the kids are going off to school and meeting new fresh blood to marry into…ha.Which is why even though I am not related by blood to any of them..I am related by marriage to about 7 differet families…kin folk kin folk..everyone’s kin folk…
Jerry’s Chicken Shack’s squad took 2nd place at state tourney.The Texas Teen-age Softball Association girl’s coach pitch…what ever that is…anyhow they took 2nd…horay for them…
That’s all the news that makes the news for West…
In case any of you are interested, we have had over a week of weather of over 100…and 3 days in a row of 106…fiddle fuck..it’s hot…It will be like this till this coming Sat. where they are sweet talking us with the promise of rain..I want to go on record right here and now…Them fuckers lie..
I will believe it when I go out and wet stuff hits me in the face…until them…fuckme till it’s winter time..



  1. Junebugg Says:

    He’s adorable! We got the rain in the puppy story and nothing since. My pond is a big dry hole in the ground. This is the driest summer I can remember and there’s a burn ban going on. I’ve got a pile of brush waiting for it to end and then I’m buying a bunch of hotdogs and marshmellows and having a winnie roast!

  2. :P fuzzbox Says:

    We got a few rains here so they lifted the burn ban but our water supply is getting very low. Rationing will not help much. Evaporation is a much larger concern than actual usage.

  3. apositivepessimist Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him either, that’s reserved for that young mum’s family. sad, so sad.

    seems to be our driest winter up here as well…but then again I say that every year it seems. supposed to rain tomorrow…we’ll see.

  4. Paul Says:

    Lovely child. By the way Jackie Sue what is west of West? šŸ™‚

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    That really sucks about the drunk driver.
    No births this time. Hmm, I wonder whar was distracting people from sex 9 months ago? Was getting close to Christmas I guess. Everyone saving it up for the holidays i suppose.
    I was going to sugest you try the dance again but it’s way too hot for that much moving. I don’t want to get flooded up here anyway. šŸ™‚

  6. Donna Says:

    Yup, drinking and driving is bad. I’ve always stayed out from behind the wheel of a car if I’ve had even one sip more than two beers. I just wouldn’t want to risk killing someone else.

    And that little boy is just adorable! Oh yeah…that drunken horse thievery was hilarious. Did anyone get pictures of y’all doing that?

  7. Josh Says:


    Man, I couldn’t take 106-degree weather. I’m like… too Gaelic and shit for that much sun.

    Heh, heh. Gay-lick.

  8. oldhippichick Says:

    Hey, I know that kid! And I also know of the peach preserves…what a delight! I know you will enjoy!
    BG is a doll! An angel indeed…
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am enjoying yours!

  9. cyberoutlaw Says:

    Don’t you wish you could just let yourself go and eat like that and not care what it looked like when you were finished, LOL! Kids are hilarious.

  10. Granny Says:

    Beautiful baby.

    One of the best things to happen in recent years is the designated driver.

    I too shudder at the might have beens.

  11. stepford Says:

    Would you like a banana?

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