Even I can’t stay home drinking and crying for ever..so I went back to work...at Payless Cashways Lumber Co..I started out as assistant manager to the paint dept..but adventually became manager.It was a match made in heaven…I was welcomed with open arms by all my vendors that I knew from Jones-Blair and my first year there I got a framed cirtificate for having a dept that made a million bucks in sales…The paint dept had never made that much in sales before and I was very proud of myself and proud of the raise I got too..I was still drinking, but with a job with the responsiblities I had I curtailed it some…I had worked out a deal with them that I would work all days and any Saturday, but no nights and no Sundays as I was not going to leave MJ alone to her own devices or have to depend on her brothers to keep an eye on her..I was the only person in the store that didn’t have to work Sundays..(remember that part) and some campers were not all that happy about it. I lost 2 good friends that year, one to the same kind of cancer that Daddy had..His name was “Tennis Shoe”…I don’t have a clue…but he worked at the bar I used to hang out at in West and when I would get up the next morning after he had worked I would find ashtrays, cigarette butts, bar rags, empty cans of beer, coasters,etc in my purse..I always carried a huge purse and he would toss shit in there just to fuck with me..I adored him..he was sweet, funny and a really good friend..then my best friend at the time died..Agnes…the Agnes of’I don’t like it when people shit on me..but it really pisses me off when they use my hair to wipe their ass”…Agnes…she was the mother of Mike the snake handler and Inky and Pee-Wee..she was one of a kind…she always called me baby and knew that going to the hospital after Daddy died was very hard on me..so she wouldn’t allow anyone to tell me she was sick and in the hospital…I really miss those two..they were special people.
My trips to West were tapering down..R. and I were pretty much o
ver with, except for the occasional mercy fuck.More mercy on my part than his..he got more ass than a toilet seat..So..things were starting to even out…kinda…If I could just keep my damn sons from stealing my Jeep and taking it and Bill to the lake..When I finally busted them they wanted to know how I found them out…said ‘Bill told me’….
In the
news?…Ma Bell broke up with Ma Bell..The U.S. and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus..Wonder what happened 116 years ago that caused that breach and what happened in ’84 to change it again?..hmmmmm
ent Reagan orders U.S.Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force. Yuri V. Andropov dies at age 69;Konstantian U. Chernenko 72,named Soviet Union leader..Italy and Vatican agree to end Roman Catholicism as State Religion…another hmmmmm
n ends U.S. role in Beirut by relieving sixth fleet from peacekeeping force.Congress rebukes President Reagan on use of federal funds for mining Nicaraguan harbor..(bad Reagan…bad Reagan….hey…has he mentioned the word aids yet?...fuck no)Soviet Union withdraws from summer olympic games in U.S. and other bloc nations follow..(we kicked ass that year)Walter F.Mondale and Geraldine A. Ferraro are the Democratic hopefuls…Reagan and Forest Gump’s Daddy are renominated..they adventually won by a landslide, 59%.fuckity fuck fuck fuck…
s prime minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her 2 Sikh bodyguards. 1,000 are killed in Anti-Sikh riots;Ravi her son succeeded her..
The music is a little better but still nothing
to write home about…like ‘Against all odds’,by Phill Collins,’An Innocent Man’by Billy Joel,’All thrught the night,Time after time,She Bop, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun’by Cyndi Lauper..who was and still is one of my very favorites…Time after Time is killer….’Automatic’by Pointer Sisters,’Better Be Good To Me’by Tina Turner,’Big city nights’by The Scorpions,’Borderline,Like a Virgin and Lucky Star’by Madonna,’Blue Jean’by David Bowie,’Careless Whispers’by Wham,’Caribbean Queen’by Billy Ocean,’Cherry on Baby’by UB40,’Cover me and Dancing in the Dark’by Bruce Springsteen,’Crazy’by Kenny Rogers,’Cruel summer’by Bananarama,’Dance Hall Days’by Wang Chung’,’Doctor Doctor, and Hold me now’by Thompson Twins’,’Drive’by the Cars,’Footloose’by Kenny Loggins,’Ghostbusters’by Ray Parker,jr.,’Hammer to fall,I want to break free,It’s a hard life,and Radio GAGA’by Queen.’Heaven’s on fire’by KISS,’Here comes the rain again’by Eurythmics,’High as Emotion’by Chris De Burgh,’I scare myself’by Thomas Dolby,’One love/people get ready’by Bob Marley and the Wailers,’No more lonely nights’by Paul McCartney,’One night in Bangkok’,by Murray Head,’Missing you’by John Waits,’Original Sin’by INIX,’Lights out’by Peter Wolf,’Locomotion’by OMD,’Lets go crazy and Purple Rain’by Prince,’Jump and Panama’by Van Halen,’Jokerman’by Bob Dylan,’It’s a miracle,Miss me blind,Mistake#3 and the War Song‘by Culture Club,’I want to know what love is’by Foreigner and oooohhhhoooohh ‘The heart of Rock and Roll,I wanna new drug and If this is it’by Huey Lewis and the News..who I always refered to as Huey Dewey and Louie and the gang..
‘People are people’by Depeche Mode,’Pride(in the name of love)by U2,’Torture’by Michael Jackson,’Round and Round’by Ratt,’Run to you’by Byran Adams,’Self Control,Ti Amo, and the Lucky One’by Laura Branigan,’Seven Seas,’by Echo and the Bunnymen,’The longest time’by Billy Joel,’Smooth Operator’by Sade,’So tired’by Ozzy,’Somebody’s watching me’by Rockwell,’Some guys have all the luck’by Rod Stewart,’The Power of love and Two Tribes’by Frankie Goes To Hollywood,’The Reflex and the Wild Boys’by Duran Duran,’Wake me up before you go go’by Wham,’We Belong’by Pat Benetar,’We Rock’by Dio,’What’s love got to do with it’by Tina Turner,’Lets go crazy and When doves cry’by Prince,’You might thing’by Cars,’Your love is king’by Sade,’Luffballons’by Nena,’I feel for you’by Chaka Kahn,’I just called to say I love you’by Stevie Wonder,’Let’s hear it for the boys’by Denise Williams,’Dancing in the Dark’by Bruce Springsteen,’She was hot’by the Rolling Stones,’Shout’by Tears for Fears and last but not least TV Dinners and Legs’by ZZ Top…..There are two songs here that remind me of a semi funny story..when I worked at Payless I kept having trouble with one of the ding bats in the office..she cost me more time and the store more money then anyone there…after endless days of fixing her fuckups and running out of patience I laid into her and tore her a new one…which brought on a round of why’s, I’m sorry etc…finally she said ‘I just don’t think you like me’.....(ya think?) why don’t you like me..(cause your fucking stupid…stupid..) running all the things I couldn’t say through my head..I finally said..’What’s your favorite song?’ and she thought for a minute and said ‘I just called to say I love you’by S
tevie Wonder….I said..’See, that’s our problem ..my favorite song is’What’s Love Got To Do With It’by Tina Turner..
and walked off.
music had some good songs too:’To all the girls I’ve loved before’by Willie and Julio Iglesias,’That’s the Way Love Goes’by Merle Haggard,’The Yellow Rose'(theme from the tv show The Yellow Rose)…which was soooo good, and they jerked off the air…by Johnny Lee and Lane Brody,’Mama He’s Crazy and Why Not Me’by The Judds and ‘City of New Orleans’by Willie Nelson…and Ernest Tubb died on Sept.6th…sad day in country..The Texas Trubador……
so another year goes slip sliding away….


12 Responses to “1984 GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN….”

  1. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    re: your comment-

    nope. not a jay leno chin. it is facial hair… i am very rarely baby faced with no facial hair.

  2. Carina Says:

    OMG, I LOVED 1984. Music and all.
    I was a nude soft sculpture and then went to Hawaii for the first time. And discovered nudist camps.
    Definitely one of my girls just wanna have fun years.

  3. Paul Says:

    Gotta love the continuing saga of JackieSue !! 🙂

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    84, I was in the California desert trying to get used to the 110 degree summer. We started playing softball in Feb. and finished before the sun got to hot. For some reason I drank very little while I was out there.
    Back to pushing paint and bringing joy into people’s lives I see.
    You only have 21 years to go and then we will know all about Jackiesue. Well maybe there are still a few secrets.
    Besides I have a bad memory and I want to know what happened in the real world while I was in Lala land. 🙂

  5. Autumn Says:

    In 84 I was giving birth to my second child..Living a perfect little life. I was one of the lucky ones..

  6. Carina Says:

    Jackiesue, I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest this…but you could write a pretty great book, using this format!

  7. leo myshkin Says:

    didn’t someone write a real cool book about 1984, then big brother started showing up and bush came along with his newspeak.

  8. john Says:

    ’84 is my 2nd year in saudi. i listened to billy ocean and sade on my way to work. not much terorists then . i think osama was just starting to open his eyes to the power of guerilla warfare in afghanistan. meanwhile, we were a subcon for his pa’s construction company projects w/ the u.s. army’s corps of engineers as the consultant.

  9. Josh Says:

    I think I was potty-trained this year. Maybe.

  10. texlahoma Says:

    I remember that year, lean times for shelly and I. I might blog about that year sometime. Funny how the music is kind of universal, if you remember the year, you remember the music.

  11. Sling Says:

    How do you retain all this info??..Especially during the 80’s.I do remember having a huge crush on Cyndi Lauper though.

  12. cyberoutlaw Says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but I hope you’re collecting these encapsulations for a full blown collection. You’ve had a fascinating life so far.

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