August 11, 2006

I decided I needed to put some distance between ‘me and Roger‘…haha..anyhow..he was bad news and even if it took me till 1986 to completely get him out of my system..(ok, he was super in bed…and he always said”as long as I have a face…you have a place to sit”….)so he was hard to shake loose…Every time I would think ok, this is it…I would sit on that damn face again..damn..I need a cigarette…
So I moved the kids and I to Waco..we lived in a little city on the ski
rts of Waco, called Beverly Hills..I swear!..We had a big house and huge yard..which was terrific after that apartment in West..I still had my big ole red Chevy Truck and tended bar for ahile and then some customer tried to put the moves on me and was going to impress me with a job and what he thought would be a fast quick piece of ass..Why is in men think all women will fuck for a job? So he gave me the job and I told him to take a hike…He was a manager from Dallas and was checking out the Jones-Blair Paint store, so I got a job as Jackie of all trades for Jones-Blair.Which is where I met my friend Wiggley…he was the store manager and we hit it off right off..We were partners in crime…I also became friends with his wife C.and babysat for their sons who are in mid to late 20’s…One of the sons we sat for fell in love with MOJO who was about 7-8 and crawled in the bathtub with her fully dressed…She freaked out..he was about 2..
I h
ad already worked with Jones-Blair paint so I was ok for awhile, but those paint contractors didn’t want me there at all…women .yuck..unless I wanted to have sex with them after work…When I came to work there were pin-up pictures all over the place..it didn’t bother me at all, but knew how to get to them…so one day I brought in pictures of Howie Long in gym shorts doing excercises in a Sports Illustrated magazine…Now not once had I ever said anything about those half naked and naked women..not once..but man you should have heard them whine and carry on about those pictures of Howie..called him homo, said he probably had a little dick from doing steroids.I finally showed the difference between being insecure and being ok with yourself by bringing it to their attention that it didn’t bother me to see all those naked women, but it sure did bother them to see ole Howie in shorts…could it be that they were the one with the pencil dicks????? the next day….all of the pictures were gone..haah
The painters would come in and give me paints to match but wanted w
iggley to do it..’don’t you try and do it, you’ll fuck up my paint’..well, wiggley had been teaching me everything he knew and not only became very very good at matching paint, but was better than him in matching stains..which is really hard to do..and you either have the eye for matching ..or you don’t…so finally after matching all these colors for them and letting Wayne take the credit, he said tell them your doing it…so I did and after the initial freking out of men in whites..they decided maybe I was ok…I also did deliveries, went to Dallas in our truck and brought back shipments, worked with decorators with wall-paper and paints to go with them…I really did love it.
ile I was becoming a paint expert..the world and us in particular were on first name’s with some terrorists…
6 U.S. emba
ssy aides escaped from Iran with Canada’s help.The F.B.I.’s undercover operation “ABSCAM”(for Arab scam) implicates public officails.The U.S. breaks all diplomat ties with Iran.Eight U.S. service men are killed and five are injured on hlicopter and cargo planes when they collide in abortive desert raid in rescuing american hostigages in Teheran.The Shaw of Iran died at 60.Iraq troops hold 90 square miles of Iran after invasion;and the 8-year war began between Iraq and Iran.Ronald Reagan became President of the United States..yup, we’re being lead by a fucking actor..if we were going to get an actor as a president, why couldn’t we have elected..Oh I don’t know…Jack Nickleson?…Least we would have had a few laughs while it was coming down around our ears…When Reagan was president..Iran let the hostages go..fuckers..Three nuns and lay workers were found shot to death in El Salvador. If it wasn’t bad enough…some bastid shot and killed John Lennon in front of The Dakota where he lived in New York City.I am not going to mention the name of the jerkoff that killed him..he doesn’t deserve a mention..I will never forget watching Monday Night Football and having Howard Cosell tell us that John Lennon was dead…fuckity fuck fuck fuck….even with all good intentions..the music didn’t make up for the loss..
I know lots of you grew up and loved this music..but as far as Iam concerned much of it was garbage…sorry…
“Another nail in my heart”by Squeeze,’My Girl’by Maddness,
‘Ant Music’by Adam and the Ants,’Dream about fun’by Mark Whi
te,’Babooshka’by Kate Bush,’Baggy trousers and Embarrassment’by Madness. “Bank Robber’by Clash,’Clones’by Alice Cooper,’Dancing with myself’by GenX,’Echo Beach’by Martha and the Muffins,’Do you remember rock and roll radio and I wanna be sedated by the Ramones.’Eight Day’by Hazel O’Connor,’Misunderstanding’by Genesis,’Don’t do me like that’by Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers,’Fade to Gray’by Visage,’Fashion’by David Bowie,’Fantastic Voyage’by Lakeside,’Fool for your loving’by Whitesnake.(my oldest son’s favorite band at the time)’Games without frontiers’by Peter Gabriel,’Heartbreaker and Hit me with your best shot’by Pat Benetar(MOJO’s favorite band)’Hungry heart’by Bruce Springsteen,’I can’t stand up for falling down’by Elvis Costello,’I got you’by Split Enz,’I want to be straight’by Ian Dury and the Blockheads.
are we rocking yet????
‘Can’t help myself’by Flowers, ‘Celebration’by Ko
ol and the Gang,’Ita, My Baby,and Cheap Wine’, by Cold Chisel,’Enola Gay’by OMD,’China Town’by Thin Lizzy,’Coming up’by Paul McCartney,’Could you be loved’by Bob Marley and the Wailers,’Crazy Train’by Ozzy Osbournes Blizzard of Oz.’Everybody’s got to learn sometime’by the Korgis,’Kill the Poor’by the Dead Kennedy’s,’Killer on the loose’by Thin Lizzy,’Meltdown’by the Romones,‘Let’s go round again’by Average White Band,’Living after Midnight’by Judas Priest, and Love and first night’by Kim Hart….
yeah little rock and rollers…get it on.(fuckme till I boogie oogie oogie)
‘s differen’t for girls’by Joe Jackson,’Let my love open the door‘by Pete Tounshend,’Special Brew’by Bad Manners,’Don’t stand to close to me’by the Police,’Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution’by AC/DC…(yeah…right..this rock and roll was)
‘Feels like I’m in love’by Kelly Marie,’Save Me’by Queen,’So lonely and six pack’by Police,’Rescue’ by Echo and the Bunnyme
n,’There’s no one quite like Grandma’by St. Winifred’s School Choir(what the fuck?)..’Spirit of Radio’by Rush,’Private Life’by Grace Jones,’On the Radio’by Donna Summer,’Aces of spades’by Motorhead,’All night long’by Rainbow,’All the way from America’by Joan Armatrading,and who could ever forget:”Simon Templar/2 pints of Lager and a Packet of Chips’by Splodgeness Abound’……
se don’t go’by K.C. and the Sunshine Band,’Rock and You’by Michael Jackson,’Do that to me one more time’by Captain and Tennille,’Crazy little thing called love,another High’by Blondie,’Funky Town’by Lipps INC.,’Magic’by Olivia Newton-John,’Upside Down’by Diana Ross,’Woman in Love’by Barbara Striesand,’Sailing’by Christopher Cross,’Lady’by Kenny Rogers,'(Just Like)Starting Over’by John Lennon,’Brass in Pockets’by Pretenders,’Together we are beautiful’by Fern Kenney,’Start, Going Underground and the Dreams of Children by the Jams,’Working my way back to you,and Forgive me Girl’by Teh Detroit Spinners,‘Geno’by Dexy’s Midnight Runners,’Suicide is Dangerous..Theme from Mash,’Crying’by Don McLean,’Xandu’by Olivia N one bites the dust’by Queen,’Atomic, Call Me, and the Tide isewton-John and ELO,’Use it up and wear it out’by Odyssey,’The winner takes all and Super Trooper’by ABBA.”Ashes to Ashes’by David Bowie…
well, I don’t know about you..but I’m plumb wore out….and I just found another half sheet with more songs and country too….yowza yowza…..
‘The long run’by the Eagles,’Stomp’by Brothers Johnson,’Staring at the rude boys’by The Ruts,’Talk of the Town’b
y The Pretenders,’Three Little Birds’by Bob Marley and the Wailers,’To cut a long story short’by Spandau Ballet,’Touch too much Whole lotta Rosieby and You shook me all night long’by AC/DC,’Turn it on again’by Genesis,’Turning Japanese’by The Vapors(this song would stay in my head for days….drove me nuts)’We are glam’by Gary Numan,’You may be right’by Billy Joel,’Theme from New York.New York’by Frank
Sinatra,’Steal away’by Robbie Dupree,’Fame’by Irene Cara,’Against the Wind’by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band,’Longer’by Dan Folgleberg,’I’m alright’by Kenny Loggins and last but not least for the rock and roll segment…:”WHIP IT….WHIP IT GOOD….” by Devo……
While you were getting down and dirty with ^the above..I was drinking and going country with ‘Ain’t living long like this’by Waylon Jennings,’I Believe In You and Love me Over again’by Don Williams,’My heroes have always been cowboys’by Willie,’I’d love to lay you down’by Conway Twitty,’True love ways’by Mickey Gilley,’Looking for love’Johnny Lee,’On the Road again’by Willie,’Faded Love’by Willie and Ray Price,’Old Habits’by Hank Williams Jr.,’2-story house’by George Jones and Tammy Wynette,’Theme from Dukes of Hazzard’by Waylon Jennings,’It’s Hard to be Humble’by Mac Davis,’Women I’ve never had by Hank Williams, jr…..and a song that is probably the greatest tear jerker ever wrote and no one sings it better than George Jones….”He Stopped Loving Her Today”.
It was written by my good friend Mike E. who lived here in West almost all his life till he moved to Georgia with his new bride..He had to do the same thing that Willie and many others did..he sold the song for about $50 and it has become one of the greatest country songs ever…if by some chance you are out of the loop about this song..you must..trust me on this..you must hear it…
ok…another one bites the dust…..see ya next year…..



August 11, 2006

I have so much news..will do the 1980’s post I swear, but there is so much stuff going around ole yellowdog, I don’t know if I should shit or go blind..Ok, where to start…Well, first Jenny came over and was just blown away with the dinner I fixed for her and Jason. I will admit by the time they got it and ate it the asparagus looked like old men’s dicks..kinda limp..but she said they may have looked weird,but they tasted terrific..and the steaks were perfecto…*takes smalll curtsy*…She also was so excited by all the stuff I had bought for her new apt when ever she decides to move..I found the cutest picnic basket and painted it pink for her and that is what I used for her/Jason’s dinner…Found a wicker laundry basket and filled it and another basket will of all the stuff..she was stoked.. Then she gave me my key chain from the vacation..don’t know how that tradition got started but I now have 13 key chains…and one key….and then she handed me this…package and I unwrapped it and just burst out laughing…It was a flesh colored mug with a penis for the handle…with South Padre Island on it..haaa I thought that was perfect…most grannies get little plates, or hats with fruit on it, or some run of the mill tourist gift…I get dicks on a mug…Do I have great granddaughters or what?
Now I have update on Jammie…she called me today…and we discussed her ‘problems’..we talked for along time…so then I went over and got her and we went and got funky fusion green tea drinks(gag..but I have to quit drinking dr.pepper as the sodium in it makes
my legs cramp up so bad..well, hurts like a motherfucker.)The reason we were driving around is..while on the phone she out of no where says…’Yea, I saw Rocky the other day..man he sure does roam a long way from the house’…….WHAT THE FUCK???? ‘You couldn’t have seen Rocky …he’s been dead for almost 3 months…’…(she hadn’t heard about Rocky’s supposedly death)…”Grandma…I know what Rocky looks like..It was Rocky…”..’Describe him to me..’…”He’s all white with yellow rings around his tail.”WHAT THE FUCK…???? That little chipping asshole…So we went looking for him..and if it is him and I’m not sure that it is…He is a long long way from home…not so much in blocks as it is about5-6 blocks..but it is across one of the main streets in West and it is pretty damn busy and she said she saw him 3 days ago and he was crossing the street…So it is one of three things…It’s Rocky…(and if he’s not dead, Im going to kill the little bastid…)or it is one of his bastid kids….or it’s a ghost….The place where she says she sees him the most is a empty house..so I am going to go there tomorrow and open some cans of cat food and sit in the truck and see what happens…if it is Rocky…well, he is in for an ass kicking..The only thing I can figure out if it is him, is he got chased off by those dogs and got lost..But that has happened to him before and after 2 months ..he came home with rips, tears, one fang tooth gone and his feet were bloody…but Jamie said he looked just fine to her…So if he got run off from home and just decided to make the best of a different situation..well..I will snatch his ass up and take him to Henrietta’s son the Vet and have his nuts cut and bring him home and make him a house cat…tie his ass to the fucking desk….But then it could be his ghost too…
Fuckme till I run away from home…


August 9, 2006

Ok!…so just to prove to you that most Texans are crazy..here is my friend Mike. A. in the pit with a cobra..he handles it and shows it to everyone…and then he puts it on a table and makes it hood up and then he kisses it on top of the head…yes he really does this..and does it all during the snake round up season when he along with the rest of The Heart Of Texas Snake Handlers go around Texas putting on snake shows..People in the town will go sack up snakes and bring them in. They get rated for the largest, longest, most and then they weigh them to see you had the most in weight.. After that is taken care of..they kill all the snakes, skin them and fry them up…and yes they do taste like chicken..chicken that has been eaten and shit out…..Part of the snake show is teaching people what to do and what not to do if you come upon a rattler…wake up and find one in your sleeping bag…stumble on one out in the country…things like that..Then they have a sack contest.where stupid people..er…anyone can get in the pit and sack up as many snakes as they can in the least amount of time..this is usually when people get bit…they also lay in a sleeping bag and then they pile snakes on top of you and then zip up the sleeping bag and then your skootch out of it..slowly…then they have some stupid people…er..anyone that wants to walk barefoot in the pit full of rattlers..or they do like Mike and his (at the time)14 year old son lay back to back and they drape snakes on you and you sit there like an asshole while the snakes crawl all over you..he has been bit once that I know of…yup…that’s my buddy Mike..we are both Scorpio’s….but trust me…I ain’t getting in a pit full of rattlesnakes…I’ve been married 3 times..that’s enough stupid things for me..


August 8, 2006

So! What’dya think? Its a big fucker ain’t it.? (over 9 feet long…)I have been trying to figure out what to write about next…I was iffy about doing the 80’s…but what the fuck…I have done the most difficult years..except ’82 is the year my Daddy died…and if I start on that year, I will have you all weeping…ahh, fuck it…everyone needs a good cry…My granddaughter Jennifer is coming by tomorrow..was coming by today but I had a brain fart and would have made her make two trips and that is too high with gas the way it is…So tomorrow she will come over and I will fix dinner for her and her boyfriend…2 rib eyes, 2 baked potatoes with sour cream and grilled asparagus…then she will stay and bullshit with granny for a while and then take it to Jason so they can eat together after he gets off work…she said Granma that is so extra extra sweet of you…I said that is because you are extra extra sweet..and Jason gets to benefit because he is smart enough to pick you to be with…
They just got back from the coast with her daddy, step-mom, step-brother, sist
er,one of Scott’s friends and her and Jason..Thom even let her and Jason share a bedroom..Thom rented a 4 bedroom house with their own pool and 4 blocks from the beach..so they had a really nice time..except Jamie and her boyfriend Zac broke up(horay horay) and Jamie has gone totally fucking redneck…some women use their brains to think with and some use their …well, you get the idea…so anyhow I wanted Jenny to know how proud of her I am..going to school full time, working full time…and doing good with her life…She deserves a good turn…and who better than Granny…(Jamie is the one with the pit bulls..)
Well, enjoy your sleep tonight thinking about that gigantic Texas rattler…wonder if he had a mate???


August 7, 2006

My sister Donna told me he was bad news,every one in Strikly Country,Wolf’s and the Nightowl said he was bad news..Did I listen? Fuck no…!But look at it this way Jackiesue..if you hadn’t had such lousy luck with men, this series of posts starting with 1960 would have really been boring..ain’t that right folks?…His name was Roger S.he had a beard and sorta looked a little like Willie…but better…He thought I was funny and didn’t try to hump me the first time we were alone..and he could kiss….hooodoggie..But he was an asshole…I always knew he was an asshole.I still thought like most women…”I can fix him”…let me tell you right now…if a man is broke…he can’t be fixed..especially if he’s an asshole…once an asshole…always a asshole..trust me on this..We spent the next 6 years making each other’s lives miserable…I have been back in West for 12 years..he also lives here, yet we have not seen or spoke to each other in all that time…because he knows if I see him, I just might forget that I promised not to kick the shit out of him the next time I saw him. He knows me well enough to know….I lied..
During one of our apart times I went into Strickly Country and he was sitting at the bar.I hadn’t seen him in about 3 months..almost didn’t recognize him…he had shaved his beard...I walked to the bar, ordered my Lone Star and told Jerry who was behind the bar:”Well, now I know what my pussy would look like if I shaved it.”…Roger finished his beer and got up and left…Jerry was still laughing although you couldn’t see her..she was laying on her back on the floor kicking her legs in the air..
refuse to spend any more time on him…I should have know better to get involved with him…. My dog Bill loved everyone…EVERYONE.. and he tried to bite Roger the first time he saw him.(he also pissed on his leg)…a dog who never even barked at people..should have trusted Bill..But I wasn’t the only one having a bad year...oil spills polluted ocean waters in Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico..Ohio agreed to pay $675,000 to families of dead and injured in Kent State University shootings…Vietnam and Vietnam backed Cambodian insurgents announced the fall of Phnom Penh, Cambodian capital and the collapse of Pol Pot regime.The Shaw left Iraq after years of turmoil.Revolutionary forces under Muslim leader, Ayatollah RuhollahKhomeini,take over.Margaret was elected Prime Minister in Great Britian. Three Mile Island had a little nuclear problem..called it an accident… ooops..droping your clean laundry in the mud is an accident what happened there was a huge fuckup..
nt Carter and Premier of Russia’s Brezhnev signed the SALT II agreement…and the music was almost as big a fuck up as Three Mile Island…I was drunk and disorderly and listening mostly to country ..but ya’ll were listening to:
‘Shooting Star’by Dollar,’Some Girls’by Racey, ‘The Long Run’by the Eagles, ‘Spiral Scratch’by them ole Buzzcocks.
on the world’by Judas Priest,’What a fool believes’by the Doobie Brothers,’You need me’by Anne Murray,’Roll over Beethoven’by Chuck Berry,’What ever you want’by Status Quo,’Union City Blues’by Blondi and ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’by McFadden and Whitehead,’Bad case of loving you’by Robert Palmer,’Bat out of hell’by Meat Loaf,’Boy’s don’t cry’,by the Cure,’Boys keep swinging’by David Bowie,’Can’t stand losing you’by the Police,‘Chelsea Girls’by Simple Minds,’Chiquitita and Does your mother know’by ABBA.’Crazy little thing called love’by Queen,’Do anything you wanna do and Sara by Thin Lizzy.’Don’t bring me down and Horace Whimp by ELO,’Don’t do me like that’by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,’Don’t stop til you get enough’Michael Jackson,‘Go West and In the navy’by the Village People,’Good times roll,Let’s go, and Just what I needed’by The Cars.’Highway to hell’by AC/DC,’Hold the line’by Toto,’I want you to want me’by Cheap Trick,’Japanese Girl’by Riff Regan,’Kid’by The Pretenders,and ‘Lady’by Little River Band.
A song
that when ever I hear it I see it sung by Eddie Murray,’Roxanne’by the Police.’The Ballad of Lucy Jordan’by Marianne Faithful,’Heart of Glass and One Way or another’by Blondi.’Reunited’by Peaches and Herb,’Bad Girl’ by Donna Summer,’My Sharona and Good Girls dont’by the Knack,’Sad Eyes’by Robert John,’Rise’by Herb Alpert,’Heartache Tonight’by the Eagles,’Still’by the Commodores,’No more tears and enough is enough’ by Barbara Striesand and Donna Summer.’Babe’by STYX,’Escape(the Pina Cola Song) by Rubert Holmes,’Another Brick in the Wall’by Pink Floyd(watched them on pbs the other night)”Walking on the moon and message in a bottle’by the Police.’When you’re in love with a beautiful woman’by Dr. Hook..(I love ‘Slyvia’s Mother Said’ and ‘Alcopulco Goldie’).’Video killed the radio star’by the Buggles,’tragedy’ by Bee Gees, ‘Ring my Bell’by Anita Ward,’I will survive’by Gloria Gaynor and ‘Sunday Girl’by Blondi.One of the greatest songs sung by one of the greatest singers…’The Rose’by Bette Midler,’Cars’ by Gary Numan,’Old Time Rock and Roll’by Bob Seger, ‘Bright Eyes’by Art Garfunkle,’I don’t like Monday’s’by Boomtown Rats,’Soul Man’by the Blues Brothers.”We are Family’by Sister Sledge and last but not least’The Devil Went Down To Georgia’by Charlie Daniels Band….
was listening to Don Williams sing’Tulsa Time’, ‘Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound’by Hank Williams,Jr.,’Sweet Memories’by Willie,’Save the last dance for me’by Emmylou Harris.’It’s a Cheating Situation’by Moe Bandy…(while I am mentioning Moe Bandy I have to tell you about the time I hit his brother so hard in the nose, he flipped over the pool table at the Lodges…They were having rodeo school and Moe’s brother was there..can’t for the life of me remember what his name is..but he decided to get fresh with the waitress, who happened to be me…so I punched him out…Got a standing ovation from the rest of the cowboys..he was a little prick and hadn’t made many friends by reminding everyone who his brother was…..I think that may have been what I said to him when I punched him out…’don’t give a fuck who your brother is asshole…leave the tits alone’)’Amanda’ by Waylon Jennings,’Crazy Blue Eyes’by Lacy J. Dalton, and one of my favorites…’ When I die, I know I’ll go to Texas’ by Tanya Tucker…
So…it’s the end of the 70’s..and not a moment too soon..
.because…the 70’s sucked, bit and blew…
I don’t think I can do the 80’s…just too drunk to remember what all I did…or who…..


August 6, 2006







August 6, 2006

The Eagles (who as you all know i detest) are playing the Raiders….and so far the eagles are looking better than the raiders..fuckity fuck fuck fuck...ohh wait…oakland at 23 yard line…interception…HU- rah…sic em…(HALF TIME…EAGLES UP BY 3..I TOOK OAKLAND AND 3..)
I fucked up…we were
right on the brink of getting rain..and I went outside and rolled the window up on the fuckity truck and bip..rain gone…You know what? I think I will go see Chief Of Police Langston and see if it is against the law to have a sign on my truck that says ‘jackie’s fuckity truck’….best get my new tag first…don’t want to give them a reason to pull me over…they already give me second looks because of the Kinky Friedman bumper stickers…and my ACLU sticker that says ‘I refuse to surrender my freedom’….Judas priest.I’m begging to get pulled over…
..if you want to get your own made up license plate go to:
and everyone say thank you to Dom…he did it for me and got the info for me..it came from his post on the lady who had license plate that said nwtf….she had it for years and then all of a sudden they went…uh…nope..can’t have it…
I will post the 1979 post tomorrow…lots of music but none that I
remember…still don’t know who the buzzcocks are..and think apos is the only one who remembers them…yea..if any one would know about buzzcocks it would be apos…
I re
connected with Gary M. he is one of the brothers that grew up with my boys…he is Maryjo’s age and used to be one of her biggest crushes…even dated for a while…but think he knew that it was not going to work and broke it off before it got out of hand and she got hurt and we beat the crap out of him…and she did get hurt, but we only thought about being the crap out of him..as we pretty much knew it was her crush on him…not his on her…Anyhow..he came over last night with his two sons..who are the cutest boys..one brown headed and one red headed..little skate boarders…I gave them watermellon and Dr.Pepper while Gary and I put the bikes in his truck…one of the bikes was a huffy from the 70’s, a texas ranger from the 50’s and a renegrade from the 60’s…had given him all the tile’s and tile cutter yesterday, and some other tools that I was going to sell at next yard sale..but hate them so much, so decided to give them to him instead…He said he would be back as he saw there were somethings that needed to be done around the yard…when they left the boys gave me a hug and so did Gary..when he hugged me he said “I love you”…and I said oh I love you too sweetie and the same to the boys…and then I came inside and bawled like a baby…My son has spoken to me once since christmas, MJ hasen’t spoke to me since the day before her 33rd birthday in May…and even though Jenny calls me and keeps in touch, taking me to dinner, I have felt very unloved for some time..so that made me feel pretty good…
Ah jeez, enough of THAT shit…
Going to go work on 1979…..I swear that is the end of the years…who really gives a fuck about what happened in the 80’s..ha..I can start out by going:”Monday…worked came home cooked dinner drank myself to sleep….Tuesday…worked came home cooked dinner drank myself to sleep…ditto ditto ditto….week-ends went to west got drunk drove home …judas priest..how I kept from getting arrested or having a wreck while drunk is beyond me…Damn…I wish I had gotten sober much sooner.(no wonder my kids won’t talk to me)ahh, them what if’s will kick your ass..
going to go roll the windows down on the fuckity truck and hope that will bring on the rain…….


August 6, 2006

Thanks to my great friend Dom…I have a new Texas plate for my truck….here ’tis…..


August 5, 2006

I am still working on the year 1979 post..man does the music suck in that year..Anyhow I noticed when I started to post that this is my 785 post..Is that a lot? I know when I first started out I started out kind of slow and then when I found out people were actually reading me and were liking it..well, fuck..I went nuts..I would post 4-5 a day…about everything…now I am lucky to have enought to put out one a day…who knew I only had 785 good put outs..(there’s a dirty joke in there someplace). This post is going to be on misc. shit…
Freddy Fender has terminal liver cancer..that’s sad..every time I go to junebugg’s I see the wasted days and wasted night on her blog and I start singing the song..which was a great song by Freddy Fender in case you didn’t know..you young whippersnappers you..the feds captured 51 illegal aliens in Oklahoma…anyone heard from Sooner and Tex lately..they may have gotten swept up while out raising hell.
A 13 year old is getting the ACLU to help her sue her school because they are seperating the middle school classes by sex. I t
hink I like this kid.They broke up a prostitution ring in Texas and Oklahoma. They were usisng illegal alien women to service illegal alien men..Seems like they could have stayed in Mexico and got fucked just as easily…Why travel all the way to Texas and Oklahoma to get laid and to be a whore…Cut out the middle men…the okies and the texans…sad..very sad..
Do anyof you check out the people you read’s blog roll? I do and have found some new people that I read by doing so..
I think I have some unusual sites on my blog roll..so will tell
you about some of them…I found Bensmusicreview and if you like music it’s a good site to go to…Plus all of my music sites that I enjoy..Willie, Waylon, James Hand(odl boyfriend)Country Joe and Janis ….Plus if you are a Silent Bob and fred..what ever there names are…I have Silent Bob, who is the director of the movies blog site..To join you have to pay $2 and all the money goes to….hmm. I forget where it goes to…I think some organization for battered women..but I have been hit up side the heads to many times to remember for sure…There is the Dallas Cowboy site, the Dublin Dr. Pepper site…(need to get bluebell ice cream on here too). There is the Dumb things george w bush says website..and Sweet Jesus I hate Bill O’Reiley site..what a dickhead he is..Sticks and Stones is the latest hollywood gossip+pictures site…Also Daisy Cooks who makes the most incredible dishes she learned from her mami and grandma…From Puerto Rico…she is on saturday morning here on pbs and I never miss her..would love to have her cook book..I could eat nothing but her dishes for ever..she is really good..check her out..If you are interested in making your own ethanol for your car..I have the site on my blog roll, and if you are interesting in finding out where anyone is buried…I have that too…If you want to learn about the rapture and when it might be coming..I have that too..If your looking for the greatest pictures of New York City…I have that too…and they are terrific…I have a place to go to for info on the Goddess.I also have my favorite author James Lee Burke. I love him..I have Rosie O’donnell’s site too and Snopes too, incase you want to debunk some internet email..Last and not least..a place to go to learn all about reefer…
That’s not counting all of you that I have blog rolled…If you read me and would like for me to blog roll you and your not here..email me and I will add you…I must admit that I have several blogs on that I bet would surprise you…Everyone knows how I feel about George W Bush(ignorant asshole), evangelical Christians, and republicans in general..But I have a new one that I read and he worships at the Feet of Forest…fuckity fuck fuck fuck…but you know what? He’s a funny fucker…I read one on electrical beagels..and cracked me up..plus one on his weird co worker..he’s funny…but He needs to be dipped in the Goddess’s well for a political cleansing…I just don’t read his political ones..just the funny ones…(you know who you are don’t you?haha)…
I will close this do nutting post with just one last little statement for HAPPY HAPPY..JOY…JANE…WHAT EVER.. You know who you are too…hehe…2 for $5..12-pack’s…cookie ice cream sandwiches….nana nana boo boo…stick your head in doo doo…
fuckme till I turn into a ice cream sandwich…


August 3, 2006

I moved to West when I came back to Texas. Thought about going back to Ausin, but don’t like going back..and I had fallen in love with West and had come down to visit almost every weekend to party with my step-sister DH..who you would have loved .she was younger than me and we were not related by anything other than the marriage of her mother to my fathe
had met in the hospital when their spouses were dying..My Dad’s wife had died from liver desease and DH’s daddy had died from complicatins from having some sort of cripling desease…they died days apart and while my daddy and Irmatheworm were visiting and spending time in the waiting room, lunch room, etc..they fell in love...or at least Daddy did…I was never sure about Irmatheworm..she had been married 3 times before Daddy and when he died she married 2 times more..But I acquired a new family and more cousins, then you could shake a stick at..and for some reason..they all accepted me like I really was family..and even after Daddy died and the tie wasn’t there and even after DH died(alergic reaction) I am still kinfolk to them.. One of the cousins named his first son after my first son and I am his godmother..They all claim me…I only claim them when I want to ..This is when I met all the people I know today…David(my best friend), the Marek family, the Maler family, the Hollingsworth’s, the Sparkman’s(my first and last serious romance after Chuck…don’t EVEN ask about that fucker),the Kolar’s, the Adamson’s,the Archers,the Ashley’s, the Young’s,the Rodarte’s,the Dulock’s(both branches)the Harris’s,the Holecek’s,Jupe’s,Oden’s,the Kocurek’s,the Moore’s,the Reed’s,the Payne’s,the Edward’s,the Hand’s(james the singer), the Wolf’s and the Favor’s….Been drunk with each and everyone of them…remind me to tell the story about when Mike A. cousin Ashley and I went to Mexico….ahhh geez….
So any
how ..I’m back in Texas reacquainting myself with binge drinking, weeks of sobriety and then drunk again…nothing I would want to write about…except for the time I almost got arrested because I kept telling the deputy he had a ugly fucking hat…my brother-in-law saw that the deputy was getting pissed and was a nano second from hauling my ass off,and kept telling me to shut up or I was going to get arrested…I said :’why would they arrest me…? he’s the one with the ugly fucking hat.’…Shorty finally picked me up and shoved me into my apt. and shut the door on me…while I am yelling thru the door..”someone should arrest him for bad taste in ugly fucking hats.someone call the fashion police..I want to report a crime..ugly fucking hat in progress..”..I never did know when to give up..I saw the cop the next day and I told him…”I‘m sorry I made fun of your hat last night when I was drunk….but I’m sober now .and you know what? The hat is still fucking ugly..”
Mean while
back in the world…Pope Paul VI dies and is succeeded by Pope John Paul I..who lived about a month and then we got Pope John Paul II…I refered to them as Pope John Paul the short and Pope John Paul the long…
resident Carter talked Sadat and Begin into signng a peace accord ...see how well that worked out…someone shot both of them..
Reverend Jim Jones of the ‘Lets all die together church of God’ c
onvienced his followers to commit mass sucide in Jonestown, Guyana….and as for music…some of it was pretty good..but some of it sucked all the air out of the room..this is when I really started to get back into country music’cause it sure as hell was a lot better than some of the shit I found my kids listening to…”Rat Trap’ by the Boomtown Rats,’Take a chance on me’by ABBA,’Rasputin’, River of Babylon,Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord’ by Bonnie M…This is also the time when we had 2 movies that changed your music listening..’Grease and Saturday Night Live’……It brought us…’Night Fever,how deep is your love,and staying alive by the Bee Gees, ‘You’re the one that I want and Summer night by Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.’Grease’ by Franki Valli,’Greased Lightning’by John Travolta,’Shadow Dancing’by Andy Gibb.’Boogie-oogie oogie’by A Taste Of Honey, ‘Kiss you all over’by Exile, and ‘Le Freak’ by Chic..’You needed me’ by Anne Murray, ‘Last Dance’by Donna Summer,’Do ya think I’m sexy?’by Rod Stewart.’Always and forever’by Heat Wave,’Can’t Smile without you’by Barry Manilow,’With a little luck’by Paul McCartney and wings,’Missing you’by the Stones,’Three Times a lady’by the Commadores,’You don’t bring me flowers’by B.Streisand and Neil Diamond,’Boogie Shoes’by K.C. and the Sunshine Band.One of my favorite songs’Werewolves of London’by Warren Zevon.‘Eagles by ABBA,’Follow you, Follow me‘by Genesis,
Say Die’by Black Sabbath,’Denis and Hanging on the telephone’by Blondi,’Stay’by Jackson Browne,’How you gonna see me now’by Alice Cooper and’My best friends girl’by the Cars.Now I know I was pretty drunk this year and was listening to alot of country but how could I forget these songs and a group called the Buzzcocks?…they are well known on the google sites…but I swear..I don’t remember any of these songs or the group..does anyone remember them? or these lovely songs?:’I don’t mind,Love you more,Promise,What do I get?,and Ever fallin’ in love’.Buzzcocks..you would think i would remember the name if nothing else….beats the shit out of me..
tonight’by Eric Clapton,’Sultan of Swat by Dire Straits,’Got to get you into my life,’by Earth Wind and Fire.
‘ElO(EP) by Electric
Light Orchestra,’Thunder Island’by Jay Ferguson,’Sign of the times’, by Byran Ferry. ‘Rhionnon’by Fleetwood Mac,’Raining in my heart’by Leo Sayer,’Because the night’by Patti Smith Group,and ‘Running with the devil’by Van Halen.Another one of my favorite songs,’Who are you’ by the Who. ‘More than a woman’by Mary Tavers,’YMCA’ by The Village People,‘Life’s been good to me’by Joe Walsh, ‘Renegade’by STYX,’Hong Kong Garden’by Siouxcie and the Banshees(I still have some of these on cd’s that were mojo’s),’Bicycle Race,Fat Bottomed Girls’by Queen,’Another night on the road’by Sherbert,’Here you come again’by Dolly Parton,’Moving out and Just the way you are’by Billy Joel.’Dust in the Wind’by Kansas,’I’m Every woman’by Chaka Khan,and another bunch of songs I really like:’Paradise by the Dashboard Light,Two out of three ain’t bad and You took the words right out of my life by Meatloaf… Meanwhile I was listening to Johnny Paycheck sing’Take this job and shove it’,Waylon and Willie sang about not letting your babies grow up to be cowboys and Emmylou Harris, who has the most beautiful voice sang ‘Two more bottles of wine.’.Willie had nothing but Blue Skies, and Waylon had always been crazy, but it kept him from going insane…and Hank Williams, Jr. fought the law and the law won…So all in all the year was a push….ahhh, fuckme till I rodeodeohde, bordering on the insane…thanks jerry jeff)